Armored Core for Answer from Armored Core 4

Armored Core

Pros of AC4 and ACfA

  • Dynamic, fast-paced combat favoring strategy over endgame weapons
  • Wide array of missions with minimal repetition, if any at all
  • Over two hundred components with which to build your mech
  • Much more player-friendly interface than in previous games
  • Seemingly complex customization process is quite easy to learn


  • Characterization is strained at best
  • Though areas of operation are large, they tend to be quite bland
  • Frame rate is known to have issues on the Ps3
  • A.I. can be predictable to the point of being obnoxious
  • Multiplayer may as well not exist

Armored Core

Until you’ve played a game from the Armored Core series, you’ll hardly know what makes a truly exceptional third-person mecha fighter. The game itself is brimming with content, and though I have owned a copy of this game for about two years, I still take pleasure in playing to this day. The appeal comes almost entirely from the ultra-expansive customization made available to the player. Speed demons, glass cannons, moving fortresses, missile spammers; every combat role a mech could play is made available to the player, providing they have earned enough money from their missions to purchase the appropriate parts. Also noteworthy is that fact that no single mech will be able to complete each and every mission. Strategy, adaptability, and spur-of-the-moment tactics are required for each and every mission. You may not feel deeply immersed in the plot, but I personally guarantee that each mission will bring something new to your doorstep. Even better, if you find that you’re scoring S ranks on all your missions, there’s always hard mode to look forward to.

Armored Core

With the general description of the game out of the way, we delve now into specifics regarding Armored Core for Answer, and it’s predecessor, Armored Core 4. What’s different between the two?

  • Kojima weapon damage is nerfed. No more one hit kills, you chemical junkies!
  • Missiles are nerfed. That cloud of screaming fire is a lot less ominous now.
  • Swords can lock on! The Moonlight blade is back. Death glows pink.
  • L3 is no longer required to lock onto enemies! Auto-lock is much more useful.
  • Tellus body parts are no longer overpowered. Customization emerges victorious!
  • Rocket parts are now overpowered. But… they still can’t lock on. Aim away!
  • Energy efficiency is much easier to achieve. Sustained flight for everybody!
  • Addition of assault armor. Trade your shielding for some okay damage? Eh…
  • Last but not least, Primal Armor has received a massive boost in regeneration.
    • Except when using assault armor. A minute recharge delay is a bit much.

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