This time, the victim is the once popular Command and Conquer: Tiberium Wars saga. Command and Conquer 4 Tiberian Twilight, EA’s latest steaming log of an installment to a once glorious series, is comparable in crap-quality to that of the Twilight series. Thus, the word twilight is ruined as well. Come on, people at EA, I know you love buying out smaller companies, grinding out crap games loosely based off of their style, then firing everyone after the game flops. Couldn’t you have left Tiberium Wars alone? Kane’s Wrath was an RTS masterpiece with balanced units, solid structures, nifty abilities, but Tiberian Twilight? It’s just sad and frustrating that such a game should be called anything but a mistake.

Tiberian Twilight shuns all past Tiberium Wars ideals and knocks down the target age group ten years. It goes from a properly balanced strategic RTS to a game of capture the flag mixed with rock-paper-scissors. The Scrin have been entirely removed from the series, despite having a large presence in the previous installment. So now, it’s back to Nod and GDI, good guys and bad guys, cops and robbers. Each faction has three sub-factions, and no, it isn’t like Steel Talons or ZOCOM. It’s Offense, Defense, and Support. Really? Are you goddamned serious? In Kane’s Wrath, those weren’t factions, they were playstyles! Chosen by the player to suit their taste. If you wanted to play GDI, you could play that or one of its three subfactions, and run your operations however you wanted. In this cheap ploy to make Tiberian Twilight seem larger than it is (which failed), they managed to remove one whole faction, and a grand total of nine subfactions. Way to go EA, you pack of uncreative series ruining morons.

Tiberian Twilight

So what’s good about it? Nothing. There is nothing positive when translating from any other Tiberium Wars game to Tiberian Twilight. It’s a joke. Defense is the only faction that can construct buildings, and even then there are only a few turrets. They are also the only faction that gets a drastically underpowered superweapon. Offense can only build tanks, so no worries about doing anything but cranking out cheap units to overwhelm everyone. Support is the only faction that has air units, so they can’t even participate in the “capture the flag” aspect of this farce, because that wouldn’t be fair. Worst of all, where normally your Mobile Construction Vehicle is the most valuable asset to your army, in Tiberian Twilight, it respawns. So who gives a crap if your entire force is destroyed? Why even bother to attempt a strategy? Just keep bashing your head on the wall until you have enough units, then bash your head on the enemy. No need to think.

Tiberian Twilight

Worst of all? They turned it into an RPG. What’s that? How can anyone possibly turn a quality series of games like the Tiberium Wars into a slow, dull, obnoxious RPG? Why, EA of course. Great job. Now, in order to fully enjoy the game, you have to spend an hour fighting against incompetent computer players– which are pathetic even on the hardest difficulty- or spend time on the laggy, disconnection prone online lobby, dealing with either disappointed Tiberium Wars fans or six year olds who don’t even know the series, let alone how to play well. What do you earn for playing this horrible game, over and over again? You earn your standard units. That’s right, in order to guarantee that people play their worthless game, EA has locked all but the most rudimentary units to new players. Happy grinding, suckers! My advice, don’t even sell the game back. Destroy the disc in public and burn it along with the case. The more copies of Tiberian Twilight that are destroyed, the better off the gaming industry is.

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