If you’ve played Dark Souls, heard about it from a friend, read about it in a review, whatever, you know it’s a hard game. That is exactly why I am going to be offering you some advice in order to make your gaming experience all the more pleasant. The tips and tricks this time around will focus on the infamous infinite item use exploit. As Dark Souls players know, souls are a very important aspect of the game. They act as the currency, and the means to obtain levels, thus making them great to have and horrible to lose. With this nifty loophole in the programming, you won’t ever have to worry about grinding for levels again.

First off, the ingredients. You’ll need a coin and a rubber band, because this requires holding down a button for an extended period of time. Secondly, in-game, it will require the Estus Flask healing item the player receives at the beginning of the game, an Undead Soul consumable item (the larger the better, but no boss souls), the stamina regeneration shield, ring, or helmet, and the Dragon Stone. All but the very last item are easy to obtain, so before we get onto the exploit, here’s how to get the Dragon Stone.

Dark Souls

The target area is Ash Lake, which is rather far from Firelink Shrine and quite difficult to get to. If you can’t access Blighttown from the passage in the Valley of Drakes, you’ll need to enter the Depths through the Lower Undead Burg and pass into Blighttown from there. It’s a long, dangerous walk, so be sure to refill your Estus Flasks when you can. Now, once you hit Blighttown, you’ll need to look towards the spiderwebbed landform that makes up the entrance to Quelaag’s Domain. On the right, you will see a large root leading up from the swamp. Follow that root to the small room with a treasure chest, then hit the wall behind it. The false wall will fade, leading you to another treasure chest with yet another false wall behind that. Break that one, and head down. You’re now in the Great Hollow.

The Great Hollow isn’t one of my favorite places. It consists of a tangled mass of roots suspended midair, and you have to navigate this airborne maze. There are many instances of high-quality loot scattered about, but they are all in hard-to-reach places, and dying means restarting from the beginning of the Great Hollow, so worry about the shinies later. Once you touch down on the floor, you’ll have to deal with some Basilisks. They aren’t a real threat if you have even a bit of curse resist, so either kill them or run like hell, it doesn’t make a difference.

You’ll eventually descend into a room full of mushrooms, which form a convenient, clockwise, descending spiral path into Ash Lake. There are some gaps, so keep your eyes open. A fall most likely means death, as the larger mushroom bros hit like trucks loaded with pure death. Once in Ash Lake, you’ll notice yet another inconvenience.

A Hydra. A Black Hydra. What does this guy have that the Darkwood Basin Hydra does not? He can follow you. And he will. First things first. As you descend into Ash Lake on the hollowed tree trunk, on your right will be a round island with a bonfire in the center. You’ll probably need that, just in case you take the brunt of a Hydra volley and die. I did several times. Here’s the trick: Peel down your armor until you’re as light as possible, yet not without magic defense. All other enemies along the way are easily avoided, so all you need to worry about is constantly dashing while maintaining cover behind the many dune ridges along the way. It’s a long jog, I won’t lie, but the cover provided should be sufficient. Near the end is a narrow, winding pathway surrounded by water. I must point out that if you step off the path, you will fall and die. I did.

Dark Souls

Once past this, you’re home free. Take a few steps forward and you’ll see the rather intimidating Everlasting Dragon. Speak to him and join the Dragon Covenant, and you will receive the Dragon Stone as a reward. Activate the stone, and the player will be given the gift of a dragon head, which allows them to breathe fire if they activate the stone again while the head is present. With this, the exploit can be done. Also, if you want a nice weapon, cut his tail off. It gives you the Dragon Greatsword, which deals massive damage and knocks lighter enemies down on power-attacks. Don’t worry about the Everlasting Dragon, he won’t mind.

Now onto the actual exploit. What it does is it activates the selected item an infinite number of times so long as the use item button is held. This can be done with literally any item, so if you want 99 humanity, feel free to substitute the Undead Soul with the little black sprite. What you need to do is face your character away from the camera and have your Dragon Stone selected in your “use item” window with the item you desire to use forever to be next in line, so if you press down on the D-pad, that item shows up next. Use the Dragon Stone, but before you begin to breathe fire, turn towards the camera, swap to your exploit item, and tap the button again (a few times if you need to) and hold it. If you’ve done it right, your character should be in the fire-breathing animation, though no fire should appear at all. If it does, try again. If you start to notice a steady increase in your souls or humanity, congratulations! You’re a cheater. Don’t worry, though. I won’t judge.

Three things. The exploit is still possible without the stamina regen item, but it won’t be possible to use the item indefinitely, as your stamina bar will run empty and you will stop the animation. When you finish using the item, it will be gone, so it’s best to practice on the Estus Flasks a few times to make sure you can replicate the exploit successfully before putting your precious Renowned Hero’s Souls on the line. Finally, this must be done pre-patch in offline mode. If you’ve already downloaded the patch, you can delete the date from your console’s hard drive with no problem. Happy trails!


-Edit: This has been patched. The only way to get this exploit to work is to remove all patches in your data folder and disable internet connection temporarily.

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