Though some may argue, it comes rather close. League of Legends is a free-to-play online RTS that is based off of Defense of the Ancients’ playing style. If you’re not familiar with DotA, games are 5v5 with each player selecting a hero of a playstyle that suits their tastes. The map is a square, the there are three “lanes,” throughout, one that covers the left and top perimeter, one that crosses the center of the map from bottom left to upper right corner, and one that covers the bottom and right perimeter. Creeps, which are non-player controlled weaker units, will crawl from the spawn points of both sides and down the lanes, acting as a sort of buffer zone for player advances. While they do not deal great amounts of damage, they can be threatening in numbers. Also in the lanes are a series of three towers, each growing progressively stronger as they draw closer to the spawn point. These towers deal massive damage, but fortunately have aggression priority on creeps, that is unless a player of an opposing team attacks the hero on the team that own the turret.

LoL matches DotA to that point, but is unique in the way that it implements different critical structures. The inhibitors hide behind the third tower of the lane, and when destroyed, allow the destroyer’s team to spawn super-creeps, which are more powerful, durable versions of the lesser creeps. The final structure is the Nexus, which allows champions to spawn. When destroyed, the game ends.

League of Legends

Since DotA is a Warcraft III custom game, the capacity for expansion is a mite restricted. League of Legends, with a full development team backing it, continues to patch and release new champions to this day. LoL also differs from DotA in the way that it utilizes a money system that is required in order to unlock new champions. Each week, several preselected champions are made free-to-play, thus allowing new players to immerse themselves in the game prior to earning any Influence Points. If they don’t want to wait, there are always Riot Points, which are purchased with real money.

In my opinion, League of Legends is a good game if you can take the time to play on a light, daily basis with friends. Influence Points take time to grind, and unlike DotA, player versus computer matches aren’t given much of a spotlight. As such, the A.I. can be tricked with relative ease, resulting in easy wins. The developers are aware of this, and subsequently limited the number of times players can earn IP from bot matches per day. That really bums me out, because the community is full of trolls, egomaniacs, and whiners. Hence, play with friends.

League of Legends

What’s Good:

  • Champions are all unique, each with a set of gimmicks.
  • Weekly cycle of free-to-play champions lets you test before you buy.
  • Playstyle is different enough from DotA to provide a new experience.

What’s Eh:

  • Most champions cost 6300 IP, which takes a long time to accrue.
  • The LoL community isn’t pleasant to deal with.
  • Repeated quitting of games (even if your internet crashes) will lead to account suspension. It takes a while for that to happen, though.


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