Dead Rising 2: Off the Record with FRANK WEST

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

Smile! You’re gonna. Have you ever wondered what would happen if Frank West took the place of Chuck Green in Dead Rising 2? If you have any sense of awesomeness, the answer is probably. For those of you who have been waiting with everlasting patience for the fabled sandbox mode to emerge from this tough series: Here it is! Campaign too tough? Psychopaths chopping you to bits or sniping you dead in two measly hits? Looters kicking your ass and stealing everything you own? Sandbox mode!

In the free-run mode offered by Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, our manly hero Frank West returns to yet another zombie infested mall in order to… kick some undead ass! That’s right! This isn’t a scoop to him, this is his vacation! Get your jump kicks and double lariats ready, because Frank West is here!

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

Choose from a loadout of nearly one hundred combination weapons that will provide thrills, chills, burns, bleeding wounds, sobbing humiliation, bright spurts of colorful flames, crushed bones, and a good, hearty chuckle! What good is a football? How boring are grenades? Put them together, HAIL MARY! A sporting solution to your crowd control problems! Hey, remember M.O.D.O.K.? Of course you do! The fat head who sits in a chair! Mix a battery with a wheelchair and an assault rifle, and you can drive around like some crippled person who decided that everything around him didn’t have enough painful searing bullets inside of them! The possibilities are endless!

But why look plain when purging the life from the poor, hopeless infected? Choose from the many fashionable styles picked up from various stores in the mall! Wear a suit to look sharp. Wear riot gear to look tough! Wear a dress and high heels to look drop-dead Frank West gorgeous! You know you want to. Only zombies will judge you. If you complete enough challenges, you will be awarded with a secret outfit that only Frank’s love handles can make beautiful! How about that, Protoman? Want to be cosplayed by one of the greatest men in video game history? Of course you do!

Of course, the missions! Who could make a tip-top game without a wide array of bloody, disastrous, violent missions to partake in? No one! Draw zombies to the stage with your amazing auditory skills of oblivion! Slash zombies to bits before the time runs out! Defeat the sexy twins before they chop your head off with a broadsword… tick tick goes that timer! Be happy with bronze or go for gold! The choice is yours to make, it’s your game! But of course, higher ranks means higher cash and Prestige Point awards! Pass it up at your own risk!

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

And the leveling system! Who could forget about that? Kill zombies, looters, and psychopaths, complete challenges, even play the actual campaign! As you level, you’ll find you can punch harder, run faster, and tap into a pool of combat abilities that only a stud like Frank West would come to learn from systematically obliterating the rotting remnants of the human race! Need more HP? Level up! Need more inventory space to store your knife gloves or sledgehammer axes? Level up! Want to rip the very guts out of a zombie that’s been pestering you? Level up! Disembowel! Gore everywhere, the crowd goes wild! Yaaay!

My name is 0-DiN, and this has been the most exciting video game review I’ve written to date. I do suggest you purchase this game to have as much fun as humanly possible!

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