For the record, this game is on the Nintendo DS. See the thing on the left? I’m not calling you blind, I’m just sayin’. Nintendo DS.

It seems like this game is meant to show the world the true colors of today’s youth. In Super Scribblenauts, you may summon ANYTHING you could imagine by writing it into the magic notebook and clicking the check mark. ANYTHING. And in Super Scribblenauts, you can add a ton of adjectives to each noun as well. You want a colossal glowing limbless chupacabra? Do you? You can have one. Literally anything. This game operates on the clockworks of imagination. It’s really quite something.

If you’re like me and love sandbox games, just stick to the title screen. I went a few weeks without even touching on the campaign. No goals, no restrictions, immortality… You can do whatever you want. I started a rock band with a siren on bass, a succubus on guitar, and a gorgon on drums. Unfortunately, a serial killer in a Guy Fawkes mask came along and butchered everybody with a sharp metal wieldable tame Kraken, so yeah… Pretty freakin’ awesome. Simple too. And if you want anything gone, either touch and drag it into the garbage can in the upper right, or create a weapon for yourself and blow it to kingdom come.

Super Scribblenauts

However, since I did in fact play the campaign all the way through, I’ll give you an idea what it’s all about. Before I do that, however, I would like to point out that unlike in the last game, not every puzzle is solvable with a baby, Cthulu, and glue. Sorry guys. Anyways, the puzzles revolve around Maxwell (the main character with the rooster hat) using his magic notebook to solve all manner of problems. The twins want related sports gear! The archeologist needs help excavating a fossil! The astronaut’s space station is under attack by aliens! And it’s up to you to use your imagination to come up with a solution to all of these problems. The possibilities are endless! What killed the dinosaurs? A meteor? A flood? God? Cthulu?! What’s with this guy?! Whatever! It’s all up to you! The puzzles are only loose guidelines of what to do with your infinite imaginative power.

And once you beat all the safe puzzles, two new worlds open up that provide a more quick-thinking, action-platformer variation to gameplay. Yes, you can die in these, horrible as it may seem. But why risk yourself when you can have an immortal remote control plane do all the work for you? Why carry the treasure box over lava when you can do it with a fan and a balloon? You see what I’m getting at here, right? With a tool as omni-situational as the magic notebook, you can make all the loopholes you want, whenever you want.

Super Scribblenauts

However, in order to get a bonus Starite (the prize) for each level, you have to complete it three times without repeating a word once. It can get tough, especially when you have to get into the down and dirty specifics, but that’s what similar words are all about. Can’t use flaming? Use burning! Can’t use immortal? Use indestructible! So on, so forth. Once you collect all the Starites, you can fight the final boss, the Evil Shadow Maxwell or whoever he is. You shoot Starite at his spaceship and blow him up. It’s pretty sweet. And then you get a super happy victory screen! Yay! Awesome.

Super Scribblenauts isn’t a game to be taken lightly. Once you realize the vast potential this game has, you’ll never be able to get away. It’ll be like a black hole, sucking in your attention like a gluttonous singularity. You can make that in-game, by the way. Gluttonous, pudgy singularity. It’s absolutely brilliant. Go out and buy your little itty bitty chip game and play it until your fingers fall off. Then make some new fingers in-game and keep going. If you’ve got a creative mind, you’ll love this game to death and back as a flaming mega radioactive explosive zombie.

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