Prototype: Gaming for Bored Sadists


Even with below average visuals, nothing’s more satisfying than transforming your hands into huge freaking claws and ripping some poor old woman in half, right? Yeah! Freak. I’m kidding. I like the game, to be totally honest, but not for the gore.

Prototype is one of those sandbox games that tries for everything and falls just short. It’s a sandbox, so it’s perfect if you just want to dick around and beat up army guys and civilians. On the flip side, if you’re looking for plot, you won’t find much. Alex Mercer, the main, one-dimensional character, goes places and kills things. He can take the form of people he absorbs, so some stealth missions come up in which you need to gain access to one military base or another. Then you kill everything that moves.


I hate to say it, but the plot takes a while to complete. It’s not very interesting, sadly. It’s about how Alex was used in illegal science experiments and turned into an utterly badass mutant. And, for whatever reason, he wants revenge on the people who made him that way. If you’re like me and would want to be an utterly badass mutant, high five. Oh yeah. If you’re like Alex Mercer and don’t, you can spend the next 6-10 hours of your life killing scientists, soldiers, tanks, and helicopters. Later, on, you’ll be able to kill mutants, supersoldiers, and the occasional ultra-mutant. Good times.

In regards to secondary missions… You really couldn’t get simpler. Go here, kill these guys. Drive a tank and kill these guys. Drive a helicopter and kill those guys. Or, to shake things up, you can do timed races across rooftops or practice precise landing on certain buildings. Only the killing stuff makes sense, but even so, it’s a bit redundant.

Oh, nearly forgot. They’ve also invested their time in some ways to extend the overall playtime. First off: You can absorb memories from the dead. There are a certain number of unique pedestrians that need to be absorbed in order to view brief cinematics explaining the game’s backstory. Okay.


Secondly, there are a series of blue collectible “sightseeing” orbs that Alex can find in particularly purdy parts of the city. There are 200. Great. Happy collecting! Oh, and there are also about 50 tip orbs that tell you how to do things you already know how to do, along with giving you some gene points. Yay?

To tie things together, I’ll very briefly cover what you can do with your powers. You can get heavy slamming fists, light slashy claws, beefy punchy fists that cause people to explode into red paste, a slimy tentacle arm that grabs at range, and a big one-armed sword that shreds armor. For defense, you can have a target-lock protective shield or a full-body chitinous suit of armor. Then there’s smoke vision and infected vision, which just suck. You can kill people with all of these somehow. I really don’t care. You can upgrade these killing tools with gene points, which you get by killing things.

As I said, Prototype is a good game for dicking around in, but not much else. Go play through it and get your powers, then start a new+ file, don’t do any of the missions, and feel free to murder everyone without having to worry about the military. Hey alright.

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