This is a follow-up post on the actual game review of Soul Calibur V that will provide you with the means to enjoy this game to the max! Yeah! It won’t be very long. I’ll cover character unlocks, equipment unlocks, XP farming, and a few tips on certain characters.

First, I’ll cover the unlockable characters:

  • Alpha Patroklos: Unlocked during Story Mode.
  • Pyrrha Omega: Same deal.
  • Elysium: See above.
  • Edge Master: Ditto.
  • Kilik: Encounter him along the Asia route of Arcade, or defeat him in Legendary Souls and complete all levels.
  • Algol: A little more difficult unlock. Either beat Legendary Souls or reach player level 12 and get three consecutive wins in Quick Battle Mode, then narrow your search to Intermediates in Europe. The AI player’s name will be Teramos, and will be relatively easy to defeat. Beware the man-diaper.
  • Dampierre: Wait for the DLC if you didn’t get him by pre-ordering.
  • Talim: You wish.
  • Zasalamel: BUT HE’S IMMORTAL! Why god! Why! I loved him!

Regarding equipment, every last piece of non-DLC equipment is unlocked around level 99, though you get a load of customization pieces once per every two levels or so. Weapons unlock at levels 9, 41, and 53. Also worth noting, defeating a Quick Battle custom character will not earn you all of their components. Shame, right?

XP farming, sadly, cannot be rushed. However, there are ways to optimize XP gain. Avoid the Versus and Training Modes, because they don’t offer any rewards. If you want to practice with a character, go into Quick Battle and fight lower level bots. They give an average of 100XP per win, and the wins are typically fast. If you really want to grind, Arcade Mode is the best way to go. With six matches and a 200XP completion award, it’s the single best farming mechanism in the game, Legendary Souls aside.

Finally, tips. I only have tips for Pyrrha now because she’s my main, alongside Yoshimitsu and Pyrrha Omega. I secondary Nightmare, Tira, Raphael, and soon Viola, but I don’t know them well enough to turn them into gamebreakers.

Soul Calibur V

Pyrrha: She’s got a surprising amount of damage potential for such a timid character. Her down roll forward stab is a good sudden strike, and the on-hit press adds good damage to it. Also worth using are her dash-up/down B>A>K combo and her back Ax3. The first offers an aerial combo with moderate damage, and the second is good for mixup games (also offers knockdown for down B+K Bx4). That’s all; I wouldn’t want to deprive you of the chance to master your own means of ass-kicking.

Good luck out there, Soul Calibur V fans! Bandwagon or not, I hope it helps!

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