Yeah, that’s right. I played this game for one day, and now I’m ready to proclaim that it’s legendary. It’s addicting. It’s beautiful. It’s abnormally good. Soul Calibur fans are helpless in the face of this glorious shard of gaming masterpiece. I need to start talking about the ups and downs, otherwise I’ll start gushing. Gushing harder, that is.

Soul Calibur V brings a whole lot to the table that wasn’t there before. This includes:

  • Even more in-depth character customization
  • More clothing, more gear, and patterns for decoration
  • Rebalances and improvements on fighting styles
  • Critical finishes removed, soul gauge removed
  • Critical strike super attacks implemented, “heat” gauge added
  • Introduction of new characters and re-introduction of old favorites
  • A 20 episode long story mode revolving around Sophitia’s children
  • A high difficulty version of arcade mode, Legendary Souls
  • Fluid facial animations and expressions, perfect lip-syncing
  • New level system that unlocks customization gear as you fight
  • New character stages and musical pieces, all very fitting
  • The guest character, Ezio, fits into the timeline

Soul Calibur V

There’s probably more than that, considering I’ve only got around eight or so hours of playtime clocked. All these aspects withstanding, Soul Calibur V may very well be the most underestimated game I’ve ever encountered. I’ve heard rumors that the fighting system was going to be turned into something like Marvel VS Capcom 3, that the characters were all going to be poor remakes of the originals, a lot of negative stuff. Nope, just rumors. The makers of Soul Calibur said that wanted to take their series in a new direction, and holy hell if they didn’t wind up making the most entertaining game I’ve ever played.

And now, onto the negatives, because even a masterpiece must have its flaws. They are few, but they might impact some more powerfully than others. First of all, there are a total of three characters that use random weapons each time they start a new round. That’s a little risky in regards to character originality, but they each have unique Critical Strike and Brave Edge attacks that you won’t find in any other character.

Secondly, a word regarding the A.I. of the Soul Calibur V computer players. The difficulty curve can be somewhat of a nuisance as it scales up. Lower level enemies will gladly take an unblockable to the face, or let you get away with a poorly executed throw, no counterattack. Conversely, the second you hit a difficulty above normal, the enemy will actually begin to read your button inputs as you make them. They’ll be ducking your slash even before it comes out, in other words. That, coupled with insane levels of A.I. aggression, can be rather frustrating. My advice to those who would seek to battle the computer gods before they have become an in-game badass: Patience. Just stick to one character you want to play really well, and practice away. The more you play, the better you get. Just check out the move lists, and try to find some high damage combination attack to kick all those cheating A.I. to kingdom come.

Soul Calibur V

No conclusion necessary, get this game. I don’t care if you’re a four year old girl playing with Barbie dolls, get this game. It will make the world a happier place, and your life will be one huge step closer to being complete. Incidentally, if you do happen to be a four year old girl, play Nightmare. A lot of people would get a kick out of that.

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