Alright, so normally I don’t review stuff on Steam, but I gotta say, Killing floor is one hell of a good game. It’s got its ups and downs, no doubt about that, but it’s honestly the first game of its kind that I’ve encountered. Not saying that I’ve played every video game to exist, but I certainly do get around. At least, I think I do.

So what is Killing Floor? It’s a zombie-survival sandbox FPS-RPG. Kind of a mouthful, am I right? Here’s the rundown: You play a character with one of several classes that determines your weapon proficiencies and characteristic perks. When I say perks, I mean you carry more ammo, have damage resistance to this, run faster with this, etc. Anyway, the game itself takes place in large maps with no beginning or end, maps with doors to be welded shut, ammo boxes to be picked up, and windows to be jumped out of. Cracklecrunch. Oops. On the maps, a trader will spawn in a random location at the end of each wave, guiding the players to her with a red HUD arrow and a trail. Her role needs no explanation. She’s the gal with the guns, grenades, melee weapons, and armor. You love her. She loves you. Zombies love you more.

Killing Floor

My favorite part of Killing Floor is that it takes from left 4 Dead modestly, but really puts its borrowed material in its own perspective. Yes, there are special infected. However, all of the infected in Killing Floor are special infected. The standard zombies, Clots as they’re called, grow less common each wave as they’re replaced by more advanced zombies. It takes the zombie-survival element to the extreme. Stalkers can turn mostly invisible, Crawlers are small and hard to hit, and Fleshpounders (sexy) have a berserk mode that can turn players’ health bars from loads to little in a few punches. The only entirely unique zombie is the one that appears at the end of the last wave.

His name is The Patriarch. He’s a long haired boxer shorts wearing mustachioed man with a fetish for tentacles, drooping eyeballs, and gatling guns. He fancies turning invisible when at low health to run away and regenerate a bit before coming back to slap you for a third of your HP. Focus fire turns him into mincemeat, but on higher difficulties, he’s a wall. Kill him and you win, right out. Hey alright.

Let’s get onto the vices. Only one so far. No huge deal, because I’m certain it can be fixed by future updates/DLCs. The gun selection is wide, but at the same time rather limiting. Each class has several tiers of guns, and earning enough cash to purchase the tippiest of the tops can be accomplished by wave three, if you’re vicious enough. Personally, I prefer to play the Fire Bug class, which means I get the lovely flamethrower weapon as my main. Problem is, there are only two weapons for the Fire Bug class: the standard flamethrower, and the husk gun, which is a chargeable incendiary grenade launcher. It’s handy, but pales in comparison to the standard flamer. Just… wow. If you want to kill the Patriarch before he can regenerate, burn his ass. All I’m sayin’.

Killing Floor

Multiplayer is only multiplayer on higher difficulties. Thought I’d get that out there. On normal or easy, you can shred an entire wave of zombies while your friends all play Minecraft. On higher difficulties, the healing and the teamwork become absolutely essential. A word on medkits. They have a percent charge. At 50, they can heal teammates, and at 100, they can heal you. Of course, healing yourself is crap, so if you’re playing alone, you’re probably gonna die. Probably.

That’s that! About twenty bucks on Steam, four if you catch them during their super discount. More likely than not, if you have a friend who plays Killing Floor, they have a free game to hand out to someone, so be sure to bug them about it. If not, pony up the twenty dollars and get to killing some zombies. Not like they’re gonna kill themselves.

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