First off, I’d like to clear up that this is an MMORPG stylistically similar to WoW but with powerful visual, thematic, and gimmicky differences that truly make it a fairly original game. While I may speak very positively of Requiem: Memento Mori, I must inform you here and now that free accounts generally do not last past level 40 due to extreme grinding. If you can handle that sort of thing, you’ll be able to get to know the game a lot better than I did.

So, let’s start with the basics. Requiem: Memento Mori is a horror MMORPG. They try to encompass a lot of fear and negativity based themes into their game to make the player feel as if they should be uneasy or uncomfortable. The looming, grey sky and desolate, rocky landscapes devoid of nature help remind players what a morbid and horrible world their characters exist in. To stride further into the horror theme, most enemies have some sort of twisted disfigurement or anatomical extreme that makes them look… well, just wrong. I won’t provide any examples, but you get what I mean.

Another important aspect of Requiem is the wear and tear system that applies to everyone. Literally everyone. The closer you get to dead, the bloodier your body gets. You generally don’t get to see it for too long when you get to low HP, because if the monsters around you can get you that low, you’re bound to die. If you do die, you get to see yourself fly apart, limb by limb. While this may suck if you’re the recipient, it’s fun to watch the heads of goblins to rocketing off into unrendered space.

Requiem: Momento Mori

The strongest source of fear (annoyance), strangely enough, is from the elite enemies that become so common throughout the game. You start off fighting lesser foes that don’t have a chance at killing you unless they gang up, but once you hit level 20, you’ll be lucky if you encounter an enemy that doesn’t have a little skull next to its name. Elite enemies are approximately 20 levels higher than they say they are regarding damage output, defense, and aggression. These are the “you have to have a party to defeat” enemies. And this is the reason why anything past level 40 solo becomes an impossible task. You know, considering anything with a skull about its name can two hit you.

This also accounts for my single most prominent complaint about Requiem. Around level 23, your character can receive a quest that allows you to use your Possession Beast. It’s basically a super-form that lasts a short while and allows you some incredibly damaging abilities. The reason why it makes me hate Requiem? In order to actually get your Possession Beast, you have to complete an eleven step quest that ends in a dungeon crawl in which every enemy can one hit kill a level 40. Note that you’re level 23 when they tell you to do this quest. Why god. It’s ridiculous.

Requiem: Momento Mori

As an end-note, the armor available is less than creative. There’s generally a pair of sets per ten levels starting at 20, one for casters, one for physicals. The crafting system runs on a set of percent chances which would be acceptable were they not capable of being made into guaranteed successes with cash shop items. Besides the fact that crafting itself takes far too much money and other resources to perform, it being a requisite to survive higher level enemies adds on even more grinding to the game’s already grindy nature.

So… I guess the point I’m trying to get across is that Requiem is a good game if you pay for it, which I don’t respect at all. If anything, they should make it so you have to pay to play instead of giving you a shitty experience for free. I personally like the game, but only up to level 40. So download it and play it for a while, then get bored of all the grinding and stop. Or just, you know, don’t play it at all. Which is what you should do.

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