BloodRayne is meant for a certain kind of audience. A specific, even unique kind of audience. One that enjoys hot vampire chicks with jiggling breast physics, killing mutant rednecks, and dismembering Nazis possessed with demonic power. Between retractable arm blades and various salvaged firearms, there are a generous number of means to horribly dismember your foes. I mean that literally, by the by. Dismembering your opponents is actually a good way to kill them. They bleed out, you see.

Initially, you see that Rayne is a dhampir vampire-slayer searching for her father. The Brimstone Society recruits her after witnessing her combat prowess and ability to kill nosferatu. The first part of the game involves Rayne and her mentor Mynce going to Louisiana to investigate an outbreak of a strange disease. While this seems irrelevant, near the end of this act, you discover that the mother of the insects spreading the disease has a strange glowing rib in her body. This leads Jurgen Wulf, head of the Gegengeist Gruppe, to attack Rayne and take the rib after it tries to bond with her. Into the next act, then.

The Gegengeist Gruppe is a large order of Nazis looking to increase Hitler’s power by giving him occult artifacts, in this case fragments of the demon Beliar. The Brimstone Society gives Rayne a hit list of GGG officers to kill, and she travels to South America and invades a Nazi military base in order to check them all off. As it turns out, the GGG aren’t the only ones looking for Beliar’s parts. The vampire Hedrox wants to absorb the power of the ancient demon as well. In fact, it’s Hedrox who claims the heart of Beliar, but more on that later.


At one point, there is an outbreak of parasites called the Daemites, which are fleshy snakes that force themselves into people’s mouths, tap into their spinal column, and digest their brains. They’re sort of the upgraded enemies, as they don’t run away or call for backup when you cut the arms of their acquired bodies off. They just keep fighting. Annoying but persistent: the perfect mix.

There isn’t really a whole lot of overall plot, just some situational stuff that moves the game itself forward. If anything, there are four major events, total:

  • Rayne finds out about the GGG and is sent to kill them all.
  • Hedrox is an infinite vampire scourge and wants Beliar’s power.
  • Mynce is a double agent for the Brimstone Society and the GGG.
  • Beliar is resurrected when Hedrox eats the black heart.


That last bit is what kicks off the final boss fight, too. And, of course, while you’re fighting the gradually growing Beliar, you have to deal with the demonically amped up Jurgen Wulf as well. It’s a three-man free-for-all. Though if Beliar kills Jurgen, he regains a shit ton of HP and power, so watch out for that. Also, don’t let Beliar grow too big. That’s his insant-win button.

Controls for last, because it’s quick and easy. R to shoot, L to slash, X to harpoon or feed if you’re close enough, A to jump, B to 180 degree turn, and black and white buttons to swap your gun priorities. D-pad uses your different visual abilities, like aura sense or zoom. This is on the original Xbox, however, so if you’ve got it on another console, look it up online or something.

BloodRayne is an okay hack-and-slash oldschool game. Personally, I find it fun to play even after I’ve played games like Devil May Cry 4. Seriously, it’s a nice slice of “juggy ultraviolence”. I’m pretty sure that’s the exact phrasing from the game, too. Play it with or without cheats. Doesn’t matter; you’ll enjoy yourself either way.

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