I never really figured that Team 17 would decide to make a strategy puzzle game. From what I’ve seen, they’re more about blowing things up in colorful ways, and the strategy come from figuring out how to blow things up properly. Worms Blast is a step in a different direction, though not too far off, considering the number of explosions per game is relatively unchanged.

For those of you who are familiar with drop-down color puzzle games, you’re going to have to sit through this explanation of how the game works. In standard versus matches, two players are set on either side of the screen, divided by a wooden bar that opens from time to time. The goal of the game is to match color coded bazooka shots with the slowly descending colored blocks above you. You blast them, they transform into fruit, and if you eat more than six falling fruit in one go, you get a BLAST letter colored in.

BLAST mode is pretty swag. If you fill in all five letters, your block wave is cleared, and rapid paradrops of bull’s-eyes start falling towards you. Shoot them before they hit the water to yield collectible items. Try not to shoot off-screen, because if you ever shoot off-screen, the game drops something heavy and unfortunate on you.

Worms Blast

Speaking of dropping things on other people, most games give you two lives per round, and you need two total wins to claim victory. Items are designed to meddle with opponents, either by putting a sea mine on their side, shooting a torpedo, throwing dynamite to break all blocks, calling Cthulu to devour them whole (tap A), so on, so forth. Many of these are plain old hurt your foe items, while some, like the health buoy or the shield, are for more personal purposes. Either way, the endgame is you living and them dying, so feel free to spam away. Oh, but if you ever get piranhas, don’t use them. They’re an instant-win button, and nobody likes that.

There are different versus modes available that provide unique challenges to players, which I will describe now:

  • Tide Trial: Your water level constantly rises, and you need to collect stars to lower it and avoid bonking your head until you die.
  • Death Match: Very basic. Kill your enemies, no gimmicks.
  • Don’t Drop ‘Em: As they say. Don’t shoot the blocks in a way that makes them drop into the water. Easy for the observant.
  • One Line for Two: Every two shots, all players blocks descend a line.
  • Star Collection: First to five wins! Shoot your foe’s stars to be a dick.
  • Survival: Blocks descend faster than usual, and you die instantly if they touch the water. No sparring with enemies in this mode.

Worms Blast

Pretty fun, right? Single player is a little less fun. You have to do a bunch of difficult puzzle challenges that more often than not kick your ass and take a while to do, so you have to spend a lot of time restarting when you know you’ve just about failed. Kinda lame. You can unlock a few new characters if you 100% it, though. Might be worth it. I personally don’t think so.

So there you have it! Worms Blast. Not quite like its predecessors, but by no means worse! It’s a different take on mindless explosive violence. It plays a lot like an arcade game, only you don’t need to pay money to continue. Isn’t that marvelous? This is a Gamecube game, by the way. Forgot to mention. Gamecube has great stuff, don’t you think?

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