Diablo III, Another Peek

Diablo III

I’m glad to see that my first impression of Diablo III was a positive one. It’s followed through, and even though I haven’t been playing as much as I’d like to, I still think it’s a fantastic game. Plot, replayability, difficulty scaling, EXP escalation, and ability diversity all factor in to my positive opinion.

I usually avoid online RPGs because later levels get annoyingly grindy, but not in this case. No indeed. Between quests and filling in all blank portions of the world maps, you’ll be gaining levels at a favorable rate, opening up new runes and abilities with which to meddle with your enemies and aid your allies. That said, the timeline on which you level is rather long, so don’t expect to be wading through a swamp of abilities right off.

Important note right here. The time for my first playthrough was 26 hours, all of which were spent fully exploring areas, conversing with NPCs, crafting goodies, and of course, dungeon crawling. Now, I did play rather sporadically. By logging off, the area you last entered becomes essentially unexplored, and since that occurred more than a few times for me, I’d say I put in around two hours extra. Even at 24 hours, that’s a lot of playtime. And SON OF A BITCH, the final boss was hard. Screw you, Diablo.

Diablo III

I know I mentioned this in my initial assessment without experience to back it, but Diablo III really does offer enough abilities to allow every class to assume nearly every type of role. Seriously. With the array of abilities I have as a level 34 Monk, I can be a tank, a ranged DPS, disabler-healer, or high mobility nuker. That’s a wide array of roles, in my opinion. I can only assume that the other four classes can be just as if not more versatile with their various runes and abilities, and as such, I plan on continuing to play as one of each class. That’s over 100 hours of gameplay, though, so it’s obviously best to take things one step at a time, and in small doses.

MMORPG plots are often not very immersive, and the player character rarely if ever interacts, making the whole experience rather impersonal, bland, and redundant. Believe me, as a veteran of over 20 different MMORPGs, this one ranks among the best. You get to know the characters, you watch them die, you feel pretty bad. The cinematics are really, really detailed, which explains why everyone is shouting for Blizzard to make a movie. I can see that being more than amazing.

All I have to say for this update. More as I play, of course. I’ve never been able to stick to a game long enough to reach the “no life too much pride” levels, but Diablo III makes me want to try.

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