Correct, sir or madam. Megaman X Command Mission is a turn based Megaman X game. It offers a unique combat system, a wide array of new characters, a plot more complicated than “Sigma/Wily is trying to take over the world!” And you know what? Despite the fact that I and many other players have considered this game, the plot, and the characters a rather innovative success, you will never see any of this ever again. Cinnamon, Marino, Massimo, Spider? Hell to the no. They’re all gone, which is exactly why you should enjoy this game to the maximum.

The plot, while not terribly complicated, is actually pretty satisfying to experience. It follows Megaman X, Zero, and Axl as they discover a great conspiracy behind the sudden appearance of a meteor filled with empowering Force Metal. Epsilon, an infamous Maverick, is trying to acquire all the Force Metal for himself so he can ascend to godhood. Or… the Reploid version of that. Throughout the game, you deal with Epsilon’s forces, taking them out operation by operation. Your commander, Redips, provides you with all the intel and orders you’ll ever need.

Of course, I did say “great conspiracy,” so you can probably guess that Epsilon isn’t the real bad guy. I’m not going to be telling you who is, but I will tell you that one of the first things I noticed about the game is that your card-tossing associate, Spider, is pretty cool. So is Redips. Spider. Redips. Do you see it yet? If you don’t, you’ll be very impressed and surprised by the big twist at the end of the game. If you do, then congratulations. You’ll be bothered by how stupid the name Redips sounds for the rest of your life.

Megaman X Command Mission

Maybe I should actually talk about how the turn-based RPG elements work now. I think I will. The mechanics are fairly typical: Attack, use abilities, use items, change into a super-form, flee, die, etc. Your speed rating defines the turn order. There are several stats you can upgrade using the Force Metal augmentation system, like offense, defense, and evasion. It all gets overbearingly complex if you want to make your team completely optimal. Personally, I find that the cast of characters is what gives the game a major part of its draw. Don’t judge me. I love the characters.

Cinnamon first. She’s the healer, the Force Metal processor, and bloody adorable in every way. She’s the soft-spoken blondie that can actually dish out scary amounts of damage if properly equipped. Marino is the sex appeal mongering dagger swinging thief. She’s fast, hard to hit, and has a big sister thing going on with Cinnamon. Those are the only girls you get in your party. Sorry fellas.

Megaman X Command Mission

Steel Massimo is the massive, axe-wielding bruiser tank, Spider is the snappy dressing lightweight chance-based nuker, Zero is the Z-saber wielding high damage melee, Megaman X is a balanced and sturdy ranged fighter, and Axl is a PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW ad infinitum. Everyone’s got their own advantage. Everyone’s good to have in the party. Who you choose is up to you, really; You can find a way to make any combination work.

This is THE one and only Megaman X RPG you’ll ever find. The only one, and it isn’t a blaring failure, which means it’s actually a step in the right direction. As I said, you’ll never see any of these awesome new characters ever again, so why not make the best of this? C’mon, go get it online. Get the .iso. Get the emulator. Do it for Cinnamon. She’s adorable. Her hair looks like wings.


I personally found this game to be a breath of fresh air, but it has definitely taken a lot of flak from critics and reviewers because of how far apart it is from the typical Megaman games. Weigh my opinion against that of 1UP just to make sure you have the full perspective, if you’d like:

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