Hold on to your lederhosen , because we’ve stumbled upon a paradox! A completionist trap game that I don’t like! Of the Megaman Post-Battlenetwork series. Ever heard of Megaman Star Force: Dragon? Didn’t think so. Why? Because it marks the end of the Megaman series altogether. They’ve thrown out literally every single positive aspect this once prestigious collection of unique games had to offer. And what’s the end result? I don’t think I need to tell you.

Geo Stelar is a dorky unpopular kid who’s obsessed with space because his dad works on a satellite that blew up three years ago. The kids in his class are urging him to stop moping and attend class, even though they all treat him like crap when he comes back. One of Geo’s dad’s co-workers comes and hands over some crazy goggles that allow Geo to see the EM Wave World. One day while he’s stargazing on a local observation deck, an electric dog-type robot dragon looking thing called Omega-Xis fuses with Geo and turns him into a bogus looking Mega Man.

Basically, the FMians are energy based aliens. Evil FMians start invading Earth and begin to possess people, and (in an incredibly unenthusiastic voice) it looks like it’s up to the underdog and his electric dragon goat to save the day! Woo fricken hoo. Now I get to grind boss areas to collect rare chips for ten hours. And I wondered where all the gameplay came from! Silly me.

Megaman Star Force: Dragon

As you may have guessed, I don’t like the StarForce video game series. It’s different for the sake of being different, and despite the fact that I appreciate moderate change, this transition was sloppy, poor, and unsuccessful. It’s beyond me how it even got made into an anime. Video game lord help us all.

The combat system is a poor joke. Rather than then 3×6 panel field that was common in the Battlenetwork games, Geo only gets three panels to choose between, while the enemies get a whopping twelve. It’s in bad 3D, so you get a “great” over the shoulder view while your enemies fire upon your confined position. It’s really much more dynamic than that old system where you actually had to worry about strategic character placement and a vast multitude of terrain types. The sarcasm is tangible here.

Finally, the chip collection aspect. Barely if not worth the time at all. The combat is so incredibly annoying that using the super rare chip you found isn’t even fun. Yay, everyone’s exploding, who gives a crap. Yes, there are a lot of chips, and whoa nelly there’s an insane amount of grinding involved.

Megaman Star Force: Dragon

I’m going to cut off here, because I honestly don’t have anything else to say. Megaman Star Force: Dragon is a shoddy game, and nobody should ever purchase it, even out of curiosity.


Kris Valdez of BlogCritics seems to think that Megaman Star Force: Dragon is a good game, though I can’t seem to fathom why. Nevertheless, for the sake of being inclusive, I’ll link you to his review so you can read up on the positives and compare them to the negatives I’ve described. http://blogcritics.org/gaming/article/nintendo-ds-review-mega-man-starforce/

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