There’s a fine line between reviewing a video game and complaining about something that the developers are doing that bothers me. And you know what? Consider that line crossed. I have some rather nasty things to say about the Soul Calibur V marketing team’s plan to make you pay $120 for their game as opposed to the retail $60 on the box.

First of all, releasing a game in which the content is on the disc but inaccessible to the player is nothing short of releasing an incomplete game. Releasing an incomplete game is a big middle finger to people who don’t want to piss all their money on a game’s special features, and are content with said game in its simplest form. But when the simplest form is incomplete, what is there to do but sell the game or drop that extra $60 through the course of a GREAT many micro-transactions?

Of course, the appropriate justification of buying into this micro-transaction bullshit is thinking that “you’re only buying the stuff you think is cool.” It makes sense, sure enough, but you need to realize that three dollars for a set of three equipment pieces for custom characters is the work of a skilled con artist. Think about it. Soul Calibur V comes with quite literally hundreds of equipment pieces, and assigning a dollar value to each of these pieces leaves them priced around fifty cents apiece. So then, how much does it cost to buy Dampierre? Around $8. So, with a roster of 30 characters factored in, the actual price of this game by micro-transaction standards lands on the whopping sum of $300.

Soul Calibur V

This is why it’s so easy to legally steal from your fans via downloadable add-on software. You can slap a price of $3 on content barely worth fifty cents, and it will still sell. Do you know what you’re actually buying when you purchase new outfits in Soul Calibur V? An “on” switch. I’m not saying Soul Calibur V’s content isn’t worth getting, no no. Most of it’s great stuff. You know, aside from the fanservice sexy schoolgirl, cowboy, and nurse outfits. Blech. What the hell. What I’m saying is you shouldn’t have to pay to access content already on a disc that you legally acquired.


You can ignore this part. It’s just me complaining. Honestly, what is Soul Calibur V, a dating sim? A meet and fuck game? Why in the hell would they use Ivy’s tits as the main “mascot,” if you can even call a horrifically bloated pair of MILF jugs an advertising campaign. Leave that to a game like Dead or Alive where sex appeal is the primary draw. Do they even care about the old Soul Calibur fans? Is this what happens? They just up and dump the high quality, nostalgic content for bandwagon-catering shit? What about Talim? Zasalamel? They both make sense in the game! And why are there THREE weapons clone characters in there? Edge Master, Elysium, and Kilik are all flash copies of eachother. I’m not even going to rant about the fact that there hasn’t been a legitimate, smarter than brainded story since Soul Calibur II. Go back to it and stop complaining then, you say? No, YOU go back and see how impressive it is. Compare and contrast. Then you’ll see just how wrong of a direction they’re taking Soul Calibur in. That’s all. You can go do something else now.

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