This is more a guide for those who have beaten The World Ends With You and want to get those sweet, sweet 100% S rankings on their save screens.  I’ll spare you the flattering introduction and get right down to business, yeah? This is going to be very complicated. I’m offering the quickest and easiest ways to:

  • Quickly grind your Attack, Defense, and Drop Rate
  • Acquire the items with which to do this
  • Get filthy rich via amassing pricey pins

Sounds legit, right? Too good to be true? Well yeah, that’s because I’m awesome and played craploads of TWEWY just for you. Let’s start with the money, because that’s the easiest and often-times the most pertinent issue. Important: You need the Fat Cat Wallet, acquired in Glamour Selects in the Shibu Department Store for three Orichalcum Pins and a single Dark Matter. That way you can hold 9,999,999 yen, which is pretty important, seeing as you’re going to be earning and spending a lot of money. A lot.

The World Ends With You

Beat, Week 3 Day 3. When Makoto and his boss are talking and Beat asks you to do Reaper Creeper for them, say no. That will cause the Shadow Ramen Shop to open up on Beat, Week 3 Days 6 and 7. That’s important because you need to purchase Absolute Shadow Ramen from this shop, and item that increases your Drop Rate by 3.

Joshua, Week 2 Day 3. Scramble Crossing. Scan for Frog, Wolf, and Bear Noise symbols. Your main goal is the blue Bigbanfrogs, or more specifically, their eight Bigbansprogs. On Ultimate difficulty, these little red pollywogs will drop the modestly rare Sprog pin in mass amounts, earning you 5,550 yen per pin sold. The blue froggies also drop 10,000 yen pins, so that’s basically the quickest way to earn money in the game. Hence, Fat Cat Wallet. You need it.

Now, the difficult to obtain but well worth it stat grinding items. I’ve already covered the Absolute Shadow Ramen, so now for the Mako Sinnergy and Viper Drink. You can get the Mako Sinnergy (DEF+6) at the Shibu-Q Heads Pharmacy for a Swallow’s Nest, a Mystery Liquid, and 3 Adamantine. You can purchase these ingredients from Herbal Remedies in the Shibu Department Store for cash alone. Adamantine is easily ground on higher difficulties, so don’t every worry about that.

Viper Drink next, available in Herbal Remedies in the Shibu Department Store. One Mystery Liquid, one Red Viper, and three Adamantine. You can purchase the first two items (same deal, just cash) in the same shop you get the Viper Drink from, so long live convenience.

The World Ends With You

Now comes the hard part. The Absolute Shadow Ramen, which requires one Mystery Liquid, one Extra Fine Noodles, and one Dark Matter (first two in Herbal Remedies), is the hard part. You can farm Dark Matter from Taboo Sho on Beat, Week 3 Day 6 in Tipsy Tose Hall. Hard mode is an unfortunate requisite, as is chaining at least two extra battles if you haven’t augmented your drop chance and fight with your level anywhere above 20.

Killing Sho is god-awful. Build defense on Beat, and have Neku use a Velocity Charge pin, and one Vortex Sabre pin. I prefer to use Wolf (303) and Lightning Rage (145) with gratuitous amounts of healing pins. I’m talking Monkey Leisure, Splish Splash Barrier, Archangel… The main thing you have to worry about is when Sho puts his hand forward, says “Die, radian!” and blasts Beat for half of your collective HP. Get used to it, because this is how you grind, and this is how you WIN.

That’s all for now. If I find anything else that’s handy and nice, I’ll let you know, kay?

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