Another closed beta review. Why do they keep letting me into these things? Geeze Louise. Anyway, this one’s called Raiderz, and from what I’ve played so far, I’m finding it pretty damned awesome. That’s vague, but it’s the impression I’m trying to leave you with. Bear with me, the nitty gritty is coming. In regards to the title, I don’t mean it needs more players because there aren’t many. It needs more because it’s fricken great.

First off, has anyone here played Dark Souls, maybe Demon’s Souls? If so, the combat system feels pleasingly similar. If not, the game is realistic to a fault when dealing with combat. There is no lock on system, there is no turn-based business. When you swing your weapon, expect it to be as slow as it is big. If you’re blocked or dodged, expect to be punished for your aggression. Don’t fret, because punishing is within your array of abilities as well.

Four classes: Defender, Berserker, Cleric, and Sorcerer. Or, as I prefer to call them, Tank, Rushdown, Healer, and Nuker. More appropriate that way. Defenders use shields and one-handed weapons, Berserkers use two-handed swords and hammers, Clerics use white magic and heal, and Sorcerer’s use fire and ice spells. Each has their own role and benefits, so expand your horizons, yeah? And, if you want to play hybrid, wait til level ten then start putting points in another class. Defender-Cleric? Yeah, sure. Berserker-Sorcerer? No problem. Choose wisely, though. Resetting stats is, as of this moment, difficult to accomplish.


I should definitely mention how strongly Raiderz revolves around crafting. On a scale of one to ten, it’s a twelve. Unlike some other MMORPGs I know, materials are relatively easy to come by, including boss materials. Even in this state of beta, people are partying up and collectively kicking Epic Monster ass. So, don’t be afraid to squander; there’s always much more to gain. Raiderz basically IS an MMO Monster Hunter. Not that I’ve personally played Monster Hunter, but I’m pretty convinced it’s fun now.

Show of hands, who hates pay to win online games that call themselves “free?” Is that right? Well, surprise: Raiderz has no cash shop yet. It doesn’t even have a button that leads to the would-be cash shop construct. Want to know something even MORE awesome? You can get a basic mount by level ten, and that offers a 20% speed boost. Problem, every other MMORPG with crafting? I’m not promising that it won’t have a cash shop; I don’t know what plans Perfect World has for this game. I can only guarantee that in the state it’s in right now, anyone can pick it up, play it, and enjoy it to the fullest extent.

Now, I normally wouldn’t comment on aesthetics as a major draw, but sweet thumpin’ crap. Everything’s beautiful. I play on the highest visual settings, and man does it just blow me away. I refer specifically to the character models, monsters, and equipment. The environment isn’t what you wind up looking at the whole time. Even if you do, I’m sure you’ll still like it.


A final word on difficulty, then I’ll leave you to it. This game is easy up to the time you try taking on Epic Monsters alone. Soloing is possible, but I assure you it doesn’t happen right at the level you’re meant to take on the monster. Not unless you dodge like a robot. The dodge mechanic may help you avoid linear or small-scale enemy attacks, but when the great big beastie has nobody in its sights but you, you’re going to feel a mite claustrophobic. As in, dead.

Typically, I’d link a review so you can get a second opinion on the game. I wouldn’t blame you for wanting to. My opinions are often very opinionated. However, this time around, no dice. Closed beta is the cause. Trust me, it’s worth playing. Check out the site, sign up for another useless site, get your beta key, and start playing. Have fun!

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