Technically, I shouldn’t be reviewing this game yet. It’s in early, very early alpha, and it’s still impossible to win. However, I’m here to review the content/potential content of the game thus far, so don’t expect any negatives. A blooming game with a promising premise deserves all the encouragement it can get.

First and foremost, SCP Containment Breach is a heavily no-combat horror game. The creatures you must deal with will mostly be able to chase and kill you with impunity, although some of the notes suggest that a stark few foes may be destroyed. Don’t expect that to be easy, obviously.

I’m getting a little ahead of myself. The concept of SCP Containment Breach is that you are a test subject in a secret underground testing center. You are taking part in an experiment with SCP-173, a monstrous creature that apparently doesn’t like being tested. The doors that were meant to seal you in the room with said creature malfunction, spurring 173 to massacre everyone, leaving you enough time to run like hell.

Following this point, your primary objective is to escape the SCP facility while avoiding all the escaped specimens. You may collect items that will later play an essential role in your survival; keycards, batteries, documents explaining the specimens, gas masks, etc.

SCP Containment Breach

I feel it’s necessary to reiterate that in this stage of the alpha, there is no way to actually escape the facility. Also among the counts of infinity is the fact that once a specimen begins chasing you, it will not stop until it catches you and kills you. I mean, yeah, it’s frustrating to know that you can’t win, but isn’t that the point of survival-escape horror games? To live as long as possible while being as scared as possible? I find that the interminable chase makes the game more fun. You may be thinking “No, I’d just die.” There are safe rooms. But will you get to them in time?

There are two modes of gameplay thus far, Euclid and Keter. Euclid permits saving, allowing you to experience SCP Containment Breach without the constant threat of impending doom. You can move around the infinite underground dungeon freely and discover aspects the wiki might not have documented yet. Or, if you like the rush, flick on Keter, and get ready to RUN. And then die. No saving in Keter.

The unique mechanic in this game is: Blinking. You never really see that in other first person games, am I right? How does that feel in a horror game, you may ask? Why, you get scared shitless. Things appear in the corner of your vision. Images flash in the darkness of closed eyes. Creatures approach in the quarter seconds you’re moisturizing those peepers of yours so they can take in further horrors. The blink meter will gradually decrease, and as much as you’d like to grab your eyelids and hold them open until your eyeballs are raisins, you cannot. You can press space to refresh the meter, but that’s just another chance the specimens have to ruin your life. Then, you know, end it.

SCP Containment Breach

So, what do you think? Maybe you’ve played Slender if you’re into those indie-horror type of games, and you’ve totally taken a shine to it? Maybe you’re a chicken like me and want to play this one with friends the first few times? Maybe you don’t want to waste your money on a potential flop? Well, guess what? It’s totally free. To-ta-lly free, and it’s right here:

Enjoy! Don’t freak out too bad!

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