It’s common courtesy to avoid smack-talking a game while it’s in closed beta… But you know what? I was never one for mixing courtesy and criticism, so let’s do this thang. Smite’s in the crosshairs this time, and I do have some rather critical suggestions this time around. First, a look at mechanics and gameplay. Then the complaining.

Smite attempts to offer a different take on MOBAs, MOBAs being games like League of Legends, Dota 2, Heroes of Newerth, and so on. Typically, this games are played top-down, revolving around the proper use of right-click auto-attacking and QWER abilities to nuke your enemies down to dead. Smite remembers this, keeping the core close but not too close.

Take Gears of War, sand out the gore, and make it have a love-child with League of Legends, but ONLY allow various Gods from various mythologies to join in. What do you get? An over the shoulder QWER abilities and left click to standard attack third person MOBA! Bit of a mouthful, eh? And it most certainly takes some time to get used to. Let me explain the little (huge) differences.


First of all, there’s an option to auto-purchase items that applies to each individual character. Premade builds! If you don’t know the items, or lack the confidence to build on your own, let the game do it for you. In all the matches I’ve played, the seemingly noob choice can actually be quite effective. Besides, that helps you focus on the other aspects of the game. Like not being able to see behind you, for example. Over the shoulder, don’t you know. Doesn’t seem like a big deal, but if you don’t keep your eye on the mini-map, you’ll be in for a rather unpleasant surprise when an enemy god sneaks up behind you and puts the moves on your HP bar. Not fun.

Map-related differences are few, but enough to be worth mentioning. The lanes are up and down as opposed to the typical diagonal so common to many MOBA maps. The jungle separates each of the three lanes, creating a very short vision radius and removing you from your enemies’ mini-maps. Handy for ambushes, or being ambushed by the enemy carry if your luck fails you. The jungle itself contains health, damage, movement, and cooldown buffs that last a moderate duration and transfer to your killer if you do so happen to be killed. They’re held by rather tough beasts, so don’t bumble in at level one, okay?

Now for the complaints. Favorite part, right? Right. You start off with only FIVE gods to play. Five. You can play a ranged carry, a spell-spam support, a tank, and two melee carries. That’s not really enough, in my honest opinion. It takes MANY wins to earn enough Influence (5500 cost while earning around 200/400 a game) to purchase a new god. I suspect the developers really want you to pay for the gods, which is rather steep at around four bucks a pop. Or, you could drop 25/50 dollars at once and get a bunch. The problem here is that they need the money to keep the servers up and we don’t want to put in money unless we know the game is good. Or, you know, if we’re rich beyond our wildest dreams and don’t give a damn.


I would typically put a secondary review regarding the game in question here, but because Smite is still in closed beta, none are available. I’ll snap one on after it gets more publicity and more opinions are formulated subsequently. Until they, you’ll either need to take my word or play it and see for yourself as to whether or not it’s good.

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