It’s been a while since I reviewed a Castlevania game. That’s kind of a shame, too. Castlevania’s got some damned fun games in its repertoire, and I’m happy to have played them. I’m very happy to have played Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. So much so, in fact, that I’ve prepared a pair of tips and tricks articles for your benefit! I’m covering attribute training and several of the more obnoxious bosses in the first one, then more bosses in the second.

First of all, the most efficient way to raise your attributes is to head to the Skeleton Frisky room in the Skeleton Cave. I highly recommend having two Mastery Rings acquired by finishing all villager quests, so it’s best to do this one or several New Game pluses in. If you don’t have any, then a Hierophant ring should make it worth your while with bonus XP. There’s no fast way to grind, so if you’re not a completionist like me, you may as well skip this entire aspect of the game.

Rapidus Fio is an essential Glyph, acquired from the backdoor of Dracula’s Castle. It makes everything go faster. Acerbatus (shock/dark) and Nitesco (fire/light) will each level two attributes at once, and Globos will take care of the bonk. There’s no easy way to grind the slash attribute, sadly, so Melio Hasta will have to do. I’ve heard say that the double devil room in the Dust to Dust area is a good spot, and it just may be. Two Mastery Rings results in the Skeleton Frisky room granting 76 to an attribute when cleared. The devils give maybe 20 apiece, totaling 160 with the two rings.

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

Just so you know where to find all the Glyphs: Acerbatus is the Glyph Albus uses when you fight him, and Globos is acquired from Barlowe or one of the demons in the Large Cave. Nitesco is frequently used by the green skeletons in Dracula’s Castle. If you’ve gone out the back way, you’ve seen them, same with Rapidus Fio. Melio Hasta is found in a Glyph statue in the castle’s Armory area. The Hierophant ring is located in the pass-through wall in the Misty Forest Road area, behind several Lizardmen.

Boss fight time! Wear a Death ring or two, yeah? Just to make sure you get the no-damage medal. Blackmore’s first, because I HATE him.

Blackmore’s obnoxious because you fight him in a confined space, and any attempt to get behind him results in a high-knockback punch to the face. In case you’re wondering who Blackmore is, he’s the faaabulous shadow-manipulator. Melio Falcis/Hasta and Vol Illuminatio are recommended for the fight, primarily for the Glyph Union’s nuke damage. Spam that as much as possible. You shouldn’t have to worry about his first phase attacks, considering they’re rather easy to read and can all be dodged with jumps. When he rears up and fires orbs, stand near him. There’s a select spot where they never fall. Shift between that area and the far left. Once his arse is beaten half to death, his shadow will start pulsating.

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

Phase two is tough. You’ll likely have to focus more on dodging than attacking. When he readies his claw swipe, get in the left corner. Jump the first, duck the second, and jump the third. In hard mode, he’ll do two more. The full sequence for that would be jump, duck, jump, duck, jump. It’s easy to get flustered by this flamboyant bastard, so keep on your toes.

Your R Glyph doesn’t matter too much in this fight, but I like to use Arma Polkir to zap him while I’m busy dodging. Defensive Glyphs don’t mean much if you don’t want to get hit at all, and transforming isn’t ever really a valid option. Ever. I made the mistake of using Rapidus Fio, and all that helped me to do was run headlong into Blackmore, proc my Death Rings, and subsequently murder myself horribly.

And that covers every single major difficulty I encountered in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia. Blackmore and grinding. The frustrating parts, I should say. In the next tips and tricks I do, you’ll be learning all about the proper ways to earn those no-damage medals from the harder bosses: Goliath, Albus, Barlowe, Eligor, and Dracula himself. Also, I’ll tell you how to beat down the Jiang Shi in the Large Cave. Ciao!

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