I’m back! And my body is ready. Ready to tell you how to beat the really hard Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia bosses, that is! If you’re like me and you want to collect one of every item in every game possible despite the tremendous difficulty and dedication required to do so, then you’ve come to the right place! For the boss medals, at least. As I mentioned in the Tips and Tricks 1 for Ecclesia, I’ll be covering Goliath, Albus, Barlowe, Eligor, Dracula, and the Jiang Shi in the Large Cavern. Let’s get started, shall we?

Goliath is one of the easier bosses to beat the crap out of, because he’s got a very stark selection of attack patterns, and each of these are very easy to avoid with even a sliver of predictive ability. For Glyphs, stick to range. Goliath’s strong point is his damage, so don’t even give him the opportunity to clock you one. Attack patterns:

  • Windup and punch. Creates a huge wall of spikes. All you need to do is step the hell back and wait for the spikes to recede.
  • Leaping slam. Creates a shockwave. Just walk behind him and stay back.
  • Ceiling punch. Not much you can do but dodge the chunks that drop down. The further you are from him the smaller they are.
  • The crouch. Get too close and he’ll grab you. Stay too far and he’ll transition into his leaping slam. Either way, stay far (and run under him).
  • Stomp stomp. Stand next to his feet. Under them, really. Feel free to wail on him while you’re down there.
Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

Albus is annoyingly fast. Between his Agartha pistol and his Glyphs, he can tap you for minor damage and END YOU without you even knowing. There are no sure-fire dodge his attacks, so the battle falls entirely on player action/reaction. He shoots bullets, he does flaming flying kicks, and he shoots twin spiraling light/dark orbs. Two attacks worth mentioning are his Advanced Bullet and his Torpor dash. You can absorb the Glyph of the former to gain Acerbatus (lightning/curse/dark). As for the dash, just jump in between the Torpor seeds. Best strategy is high speed Glyph combo nukedown. Two Death Rings will make that much, much easier.

Eligor is practically a cinematic fight on normal mode, so I’ll cover hard mode. I highly recommend using Globos and Melio Macir. Dodging his sword is relatively straightforward, and his multiple stab attack is useless. What you want to worry about are the mounted crossbows plugged into his leg joints. Globos, Globos, Globos. Even if you break his front crystals, don’t go under his legs until you’ve broken the crossbow. When you’re under his legs, spam Globos in order to stop the second crossbow from targeting you. He might try to kick you, so keep an eye out. Once you’re behind him, just do the same thing until all his dakka is kaput.

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

Then you climb up on Eligor’s back and actually try to hurt him. If he leans forward, he’s probably going to rear back, which means you need to stay near his tail and crouch. If he readies his tail, that means he’s going to try to stab you, so either duck near his torso or perform a timed jump-dodge. He’s weak to lightning, so I recommend mixing Melio Macir with Fulgur and letting loose a torrent of Glyph combos on his giant eyeball. That should put him down in a few volleys. It’s hard to avoid damage in this fight, so prepare for some trial and error.

Dracula’s surprisingly easy, for being the final boss. Since you’ll have Volaticus by the time you get to the bastard, have it equipped. I don’t care what weapon you use, just make sure it hurts a LOT. There are two phases in this fight, and you don’t want him to last more than a few seconds when he enters phase two. Phase one, just look for his incoming teleportation spot and give yourself some space. When he starts firing off his fireballs, just double jump into the air and activate Volaticus and fly towards him. He’ll cancel his current attack and begin spamming pillars of purple fire. You can dodge it 100% of the time by flying towards him, but avoid going above him or he’ll slap you. If he shouts “fatal rain,” you’ll need to look towards the top of the screen and place yourself between falling projectiles. No big deal.

When he says “the time for games is over,” unload your nukes. Every single light-based Glyph combo you have. His phase two attacks are very difficult to dodge, especially because many of them overlap. Nuke him down before he has a chance to summon his dogs, then his homing purple rain, and then his swarm of wiggling bats. Perfecting Drac-baby might take a few tries, but you’ll get him eventually. Eventually.

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

Jiang Shi is simple, but the most damaging ass you’ll ever encounter. He either jumps at you, summons three jumpy midgets that take three hits to kill, or conjures a ball of lightning that homes in on you until you kill him (or it pegs you for 300+ damage). Better yet, the next one he throws will move faster. So will the next one. By the fifth one you’re likely to die as soon as anything touches you, so kill him fast. Fire and blades, blades and fire. You don’t need Volaticus, but you need to be able to maneuver around his thunderballs. Rapidus Fio will help you oodles. You can’t get a no damage medal from this guy, but you can farm him for experience and attribute points. With two Master Rings, he drops 120 points a pop. When you kill him, he’s not really dead, by the way. Breaking the seal hanging from his face will start the fight all over again.

And that’s all the tips and tricks you need for taking on the tougher bosses in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia! Good luck getting absolutely everything, my perfectionist/completionist buddies! I hope my help helps.

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