Oh yes indeed, I’ve purchased the survival horror gone action game of games, Dead Space 3. Before I even scratch the surface, let it be known that the regenerator chase scenes are scary as hell, the javelin gun IS gone, but many aspects make up for its lost, and yes, a lot of the game focuses on the Isaac-Ellie-Norton love triangle. But those are teeny tiny itty bitty negatives in the face of what the game does right. It’s like a shining mountain of guns, necromorphs, and cultists. I urge you, climb this mountain.

You’ve dealt with a smaller Marker found on an alien planet. You’ve dealt with a colossal, manmade Marker that brought the galaxy to the brink of chaos. And now, it’s time to head to the Marker Homeworld. Is this the end of the series? I won’t spoil anything, and if you want to enjoy this game to the fullest, you won’t either. A few major changes are made, and despite the fact that they shift the game mechanics conspicuously, you’re still playing Dead Space. I’ll elaborate.

Ammo is now universal, explaining the complains that Dead Space 3 is now less survival-oriented. Healing items are much more plentiful, countered by the increased aggression and speed of Necromorphs. Too many medium medpacks? That’s a sign you’re about to get your ass kicked, stabbed, bitten, and torn off. Players can only carry two weapons, but the new customization system will make that a non-issue. More on that later.

To address the heavy criticism that Dead Space has been receiving for making these noteworthy changes, I’m going to provide a little extra perspective. Look at the first game. Players had NO idea what they were doing, where they were, or what was going on. The thrill and mystery were huge. Second game, the developers had to amp up the thrill a bit, because players already know what sort of enemies they’ll be facing, and how to dispatch them easily. These changes were necessary to challenge both new and old players.

Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3 is the crescendo, if you will. All the characters and players are jaded and ready to take on a new blood-soaked bits and pieces adventure to save humanity from a flesh-hungry galactic scourge. If it was a carbon copy of the original or sequel, would it be fresh poppin’ fun? Probably not. You don’t want DL-Sequels that play just like their predecessors. You want new, interesting, right? Right. Dead Space the 3rd experiments, but not to an extreme extent.

All aspects of weapons are no longer confined to main or sub-functions. You can make a force gun with a sniper attachment, or a line gun with a flamethrower attachment. Pulse gun with stasis-inflicting bullets and a cryo-gun sub-weapon? Yes, exactly. You collect resources and components from loot rooms, fallen enemies, and scavenger bots, and piece them together yourself. Nothing is permanent, not even the upgrade circuits, so build your pew pew however you want and break it into components if you don’t like the result.. The Necromorphs ain’t gonna kill themselves. The Unitologists will, though. You get to kill them too.

The last thing I’ll touch on for this preliminary peek at Dead Space 3 is the optional missions. These aren’t stereotypical RPG maybe-laters. It’s now or never. Either you risk your ass for more goodies, or you carry on and do without. Honestly, though. Who would pass up an opportunity to both build a flamethrower shotgun AND test it out on hordes of angry Necromorphs? Not this guy.

Dead Space 3

That’s about all I’m going to tell you for now. I’m just about halfway through this bloody spectacle, and I’m dying (several times) to see the epic conclusion.

This review is exactly the sort of thing I’m talking about. Nick Cowen of T3 was personally disappointed by Dead Space 3’s apparent lack of scariness, and er… something about co-op but I don’t play co-op so moving on and talking about scariness. Sure, the lack of dark rooms and jump scares is a little disconcerting, but I believe the continuity and overall feel of the game remains consistent with its older siblings. It isn’t another EA piece of rush-released, money-grubbing, smouldering shit that insults players and makes the gaming industry look bad. Anyway, here’s the alternate review: http://www.t3.com/reviews/dead-space-3-review

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