Who said simple was a bad thing? Sure, we live in an age where every game has to have a unique mechanic that truly sets it apart from every other game that exists. But if you’ve argued video game originality, you know everything comes from something. That said, I present to you Strike Suit Zero, a space fighter that’ll sweep you first with nostalgia, then with bullets. There isn’t a lot to this twenty dollar game, but you’re definitely getting your money’s worth if you play it through. Also, it’s one of them indie type games, so don’t hate too hard if it isn’t up your alley, mkay?

This is a mission-based space fighter alluding back to the arcade days of wondering which way up is. Objective, sub-objective, pass or fail. Fly around and shoot stuff. Customization is restricted, but practical. You can choose between three different standard spacecraft, and several types of guns. Plasma cannons, lasers, machine guns, unguided rockets, and various missiles can all be a part of your arsenal. There are four kinds of missiles: Fire and forget, semi-active homing, swarm, and anti-capital ship. As you can see, not a lot, but enough.

Strike Suit Zero

But wait! If I made it seem like this game has no gimmick, then I tricked you. Strike Suit mode, likely inspired by games like Gundam or Armored Core, is where the game’s badass meter jumps into the red. You don’t get it until mission three, but the first two missions won’t take so long that you start to herniate with dire impatience. You kill enemies to build up your Flux Drive, then trigger it. That’s thirty seconds of utter ass-kicking, but don’t let the teeny tiny time window fool you. It’s good, but not overpowered.

The sub-missions can prove to be irksome at times due to a higher difficulty curve, but that’s to be expected. Completionists must pay for their decadent ways, especially considering sub-missions actually earn you permanent weapon and shield augmentations.

Strike Suit Zero

My opinion of the game is as follows: Fun, challenging, sci-fi beautiful, and a little short. I can’t say I feel the game deserves $20. If it does, it just barely passes. Simplicity only goes so far, and nostalgia only lasts for so long.

SPOnG likes it. I like it too, but I haven’t gotten very far in due to rather difficult sub-missions. That being the case, you should probably check out this review so you can get a bit of a better idea how spacey this space game is. Difficult does become a factor, and frustration does play a part, but no situation is without its remedy. Read more if you want: http://spong.com/feature/10110920/Review-Strike-Suit-Zero

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