I got Party of Sin on a Steam Sale, figuring a neat little puzzle platformer about the Seven Deadly Sins would be worth a couple bucks. Though short, I enjoyed the game thoroughly. The characters were nifty, their abilities were fun to apply, and a good number of the puzzles were actually rather challenging. Stylistically speaking, Party of Sin is cartoony-cutesy with moderately good voice acting and a good aesthetic.

The plot isn’t something you need to focus on, but I’ll fill you in anyway. The Seven Deadly Sins were creating chaos on Earth, until Archangel Gabriel cut a deal with Lucifer to imprison the sins in Hell. Now, furious, the sins want to climb from Hell up to Heaven, kill Gabriel, and regain their rightful place in existence.

Party of Sin

Each Sin has a standard attack, a special ability, and upgrades for both:

  • Wrath. He can punch, and if he builds up enough velocity, he can charge. Punch upgrades allow him to throw scythes, and charge upgrades increase his rate of acceleration.
  • Greed. He’s got a sharp hook. He can grapple to special points, and with upgrades, his attacks turn things to gold temporarily.
  • Envy. She stabs things and shoots a reflective laser. With upgrades, her shiv can poison things, and her laser can pierce enemies.
  • Sloth. She hits things with her teddy bear and slows stuff down. With upgrades, she gets more knockback and can slow multiple foes.
  • Pride. He has a sword and is FAAABULOUS. He can do sword charge-jumps, and gets ranged cleave and increased charge damage upgrades.
  • Lust. She’s a lady for whips. Her perfume charms her enemies in a big poof. Upgrades make her whip charming, and her perfume cloud larger.
  • Gluttony. He’s my favorite. He can claw things and eat people, slowly digesting them and healing. With upgrades, he pukes while clawing, and digests enemies faster.

Party of Sin

There are four areas total: Hell, Purgatory, Earth, and Heaven. Each has around five to eight levels, the last of which always has a boss. Each level contains a number of green apples, which are unique collectibles that allow players to purchase refundable upgrades for the Sins. Postgame, players can buy cheats like increased speed, passive enemies, and infinite health.

Unfortunately, Party of Sin has virtually no replay value. If you’re a fan of setting records and doing speed runs, then you may have a bit of fun getting gold ranks on each and every level, but in my opinion, it’s not worthwhile. Good game, good mechanics, some of the bosses can cheat a bit, and overall a nice buy.

James of IndieGamesHQ gave Party of Sin a very high score, saying that each individual aspect of the game was done well. I can agree with this to a fault, the fault being that Party of Sin is a once-off. As said in the alt review, eight to ten hours and that’s about it. Excellent for a debut ga me, though. Here’s the other review: http://indiegamehq.com/review/party-of-sin-by-crankshaft-games/

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