Greetings, fellow Fire Emblem: Awakening fanatics! How’s life on the warpath? Are you in need of some general tips with which to better your strategy and avoid watching your units get swarmed and murdered? I’ll assume yes, because if you don’t need help you’ll probably just bail. I have quite a lineup of tips prepared for you, so I’ll organize them into three subcategories: battle, long-term, and money management. The only instance in which these tips won’t apply is if you play on Lunatic difficulty. Everything is different if you play on Lunatic. Here it comes, commander!

Battle tips first!

  • If your army has low ranged firepower, highlight all ranged foes. It’ll help you keep tabs on them so your melee units don’t get vectored.
  • Abuse choke points. If the opposing army has few to no flying units, you can force them into a one or two-unit wide standoff. In this position, you can keep your healers in the back and rotate out damaged blockers.
  • Holding a fort isn’t worthwhile if the position is swarmed. A 20% heal won’t save your unit’s life if they’re tanking four attacks per turn.
  • Kill thieves at all costs. Money is hard to come by early on, so rare items obtained from chests can be invaluable.
  • If you see a character that looks like a possible recruit (i.e. unique design), see if Chrom can speak to them.

Fire Emblem: Awakening

Now long-term tips!

  • Most guides to ignore Frederick so you don’t wind up having to rely on him. I say you should remove his weapons and partner him with someone who you want to level. Free stats for them and a potential damage block.
  • Powerlevel Chrom. He needs to be in the front lines so he can speak to possible recruits and activate other events.
  • Use Master Seals on your healers as quickly as possible so they can fight back. The AI is hard-coded to prioritize units that cannot counterattack. Namely, unarmed healers and archers who cannot attack at melee range.
  • Stockpile permanent stat boosters for units who have particularly low chances to gain specific stats. Talismans are the most valuable, as Resistance is typically a low gain on most units.
  • Make sure to have a few defensible/dodgy units with Locktouch.
  • Abuse Sol (Hero level 5) and Galeforce (Dark Flier level 15, female class)

Fire Emblem: Awakening

Finally, money management tips! These are for people who do not wish to purchase the DLC “Golden Gaffe,” and who do not wish to grind Reeking Boxes.

  • Shelf Manakete and Taguel units unless you have a good amount of gold. Beaststones and Dragonstones are expensive as all get out.
  • Save rare weapons for battles you think will be challenging, even it only means a few points of durability. Use Arms Scrolls as needed.
  • Armsthrift will save you loads in the long run. Put it on characters with naturally high Luck and prepare for infinite weapon durability. Pair Armsthrift users with War Clerics/Priests, Tricksters, and Falcon Knights.


Concluding tip. If you want DLC, get Rogues and Redeemers 3 for the Limit Breaker ability, and Infinite Regalia for the renewable legendary weapons. That’s all! When I finish my Lunatic run and Apotheosis, I’ll post a few more pieces of sage advice.

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