Listen up, Animal Crossing New Leaf fans. Even if you feel the need to relax and enjoy life at your own pace, you still need cash, and in order to do cash, you need to work! However, with a little strategy of mine, you can make several million Bells on the first day of having unlocked the Island Resort. You pay 1,000 to spend 40 minutes earning 350,000. That is the short version. Here is the long version.

The Island unlocks a little less than a week into playing, so long as you’ve done all the tutorial gimmicks and recommended Mayor actions. Be sure to talk to Isabelle! The more stuff you get done, the faster you get the island. Or take it slow, your call. If Isabelle tells you to talk to Tortimer at the dock, your time has come.

The island is a cut-off mini-area that is permanently locked in Summer, and always spawns rare insects and fish. There are some cheapos hidden in the mix, but for the most part, it’s dosh with wings and fins. You can’t take your inventory, and instead are given an Island inventory with a standard 16 item slots and NO extra letter inventory. There’s a little woven basket near the exit/entrance to the Island; put all the goods you want to bring back to the mainland inside before doing Tours (which I won’t discuss) or going home (which I also won’t discuss, because it is just going home).

Animal Crossing New Leaf

You will be performing what I like to call “Beetle Runs.” Runs can begin as early as 7:00p.m., but I highly recommend starting after 9:00p.m., because by this time the cheap locusts stop spawning. There are three types of runs, which I will organize in descending order of time consumption and profitability. In each list, I will tell you the names of targeted bugs, their value, what trees they spawn on, what they look like, and how cautiously you should approach them. Each step down adds bugs to the overall capture agenda, by the by. So if list one says Cyclommatus Stag and list two says Emperor Butterfly, list two contains Cyclommatus and Emperor.

Clean Run: 30-50 min, yields ~350,000 if all 40 Island box slots are full.

  • Cyclommatus Stag, 8,000. Palm trees. Very large pincers. Least jumpy of all cash beetles; possible to approach at a full-speed walk and catch.
  • Horned Atlas, 8,000. Palm trees. Black, three small horns. Approach with net raised, but do not push the analog stick all the way when close.
  • Horned Elephant, 8,000. Palm trees. Yellowish, black dot near head. Average jumpiness; approach with net raised. Full-speed sneak works.
  • Golden Stag, 12,000. Palm trees. Gold, small. Approach with net up, and only move the analog stick slightly. Full speed sneak scares them away.
  • Horned Hercules, 12,000. Palm trees. Gold, huge brown horn. EXTREMELY JUMPY. Barely budge the analog stick with net raised.
  • Rainbow Stag, 10,000. Normal trees. Green body with upper white patch. Fairly jumpy; approaching with net raised should suffice.
  • Giant Stag, 10,000. Normal trees. Large, blackish purple. Pretty darn jumpy, but a full-speed sneak should still work.

Animal Crossing New Leaf

Dirty Run: 25-40 min, yields ~250,000

  • Goliath Beetle, 6,000. Palm trees. Red and white. Average jumpiness. Full-speed net sneak works like a charm.
  • Emperor Butterfly, 2,500. Blue wings. Only spawn near flowers, so get rid of flowers if you don’t want them to spawn. They don’t vanish and take up spawn slots if left alone. Catch and release, or reload the area by entering the cabana.

Inexcusably Filthy Run: 15-30 min, yields ~100,000

  • Just catch whatever you see. I don’t care about fish, but you can catch those too if you want. Beetles are easier/faster/more reliable.

Animal Crossing New Leaf

Finally, I’ll give you some tips on how to properly perform Beetle Runs.

  • Plant a crap-ton of palm trees and a stark few normal trees (3-4).
  • Clear the trees from the lower beach part of your island.
  • Because beetles are the least jumpy when approached from the front of the tree they’re sitting on (when the beetle faces the player).
  • And it’s easier to see them at a distance.
  • Always move slowly; jumpy beetles can be scared away while offscreen.
  • When in doubt, swap cheapos out.
  • And most importantly, remember what time Re-Tail closes.

Animal Crossing New Leaf

With this guide, you’ll be absolutely ROLLING in the dosh. Yes, it may get a little tedious, but let me put things into perspective… 1,000,000 Bells in three Clean Runs. Now get beetling!   

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