Well, it’s that time again. Time for the next-gen consoles to come out. Time for everyone to argue about which one is better and which one is just the same as the last only with a new name. Personally, I’ve gotten sick of all that console crap and moved to PC while still enjoying the fun new releases on the Nintendo 3DS, but for the sake of a legitimate comparison, let’s ask… Xbox 360 or Ps3?

To clear up any bias you may pick up from my comparison, I’ve owned a Ps3 much longer than I have an Xbox 360 (which was stolen), and because of that I really don’t have a choice when it comes to picking one or the other. That ALSO means that I didn’t get very much experience with updated Xbox 360 software, which creates quite a gap in experience levels, but I’ll still try my best to remain objective.


So, let’s take a look at the Ps3. Black, sleek, and somewhat bulky, this console said, “Save everything directly to me, I don’t need no memory card.” Depending on how much you spent, your total memory available would swell or shrink. If you went with the cheapest Ps3 but wound up loving a lot of game, that meant you had to pick and choose which games to delete once you started running out of room.

However, the Ps3’s free internet capabilities and user friendly online store compensated for most of its drawbacks. Not that it had a terrible lot. Only once did the disk drive in my four year old Ps3 fail, and one quick refurbish made sure it didn’t ever happen again. If you didn’t bash your Ps3 about or drop it or kick it, it probably lasted until you grew bored of it. Software stability was the same deal; unless you quit while saving, the Ps3 wouldn’t accidentally corrupt something on startup.

One of the Ps3’s greatest assets was being able to choose – from the get-go – between having your controller be wired or wireless. With two USB ports that acted as charging docks, you could plug in your controllers and play like you did in the Ps2 days, or unplug and play from wherever. Being able to choose was huge.


On the other side of the ring, the Xbox 360. This console required monthly payment in order to access online features, which was already a bit of a drawback for users who wanted a “one time pay” on their consoles. Of course, as far as console loyalty goes, Xbox fans didn’t mind the regular payments. I did, so I never enjoyed Xbox Live.

The “red ring of death” was so common that it bordered a running joke. Perhaps it was the symbolic doom the red ring embodied. Perhaps the Xbox 360’s hardware wasn’t up to par. Then again, it’s common practice to build something that only lasts a few months/years before needing replacement these days. Build ‘em to break and pick up some more cash with refurbs or replacements, eh? I never experienced the red ring of death, either because I took care of my Xbox 360 or it was stolen before it could break down. Who can say?

Having the Xbox 360 controllers eat up batteries wasn’t the best design choice, in my opinion. It’s hardly a dealbreaker, but you had to buy recharge cables separately if you wanted to play the Xbox 360 while having your controllers plugged in. Some parts not included. If I had to choose between wireless AND wired OR only wireless from the moment I unbox, I’d have to choose the former. Hands down.

The final issue, or rather, one of the more predominant rumors, is that Ps3 has no games, and Xbox 360 is the king of games. That’s obviously wrong, and I’m not even going to bother telling you why, suffice it to say I have a bookshelf full of Ps3 games, each of which I still play if the need hits me. I had the same thing with my Xbox 360, too! They were both the kings of games. Sure, some had exclusives, but who cares? There were plenty to choose from on both sides.


Alright, it seems like I did wind up favoring the Ps3 more than the Xbox 360 in the end, but I hope we can agree that my bias was clearly articulated. Whereas many see “console wars,” I just see two rather different means of playing video games, one of which is more convenient than the other. So, if you want to buy a soon-to-be last-gen console for a reasonable price, with all the convenience and games you could ask for, I’d highly recommend the Ps3. Free online capability, comes with all the components you need, and die-hard hardware AND software. There you have it.

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