Ps3 Gamer Zone’s Top Five Worst Games

If games like these keep coming out, the future of the gaming industry is bleak. These are five of the most unpleasant video games I’ve ever encountered, and as such, this list should be considered a practical means by which to avoid throwing money away on forgettable and un-fun games. Prepare yourself for an onslaught of terrible; prepare for Ps3 Gamer Zone’s Top Five Worst Games.


#5 – From the Abyss

From the Abyss

This short-lived Aksys spectacle appeals to generic dungeon-crawler RPGs all over the world. It was a low-key release on the Nintendo DS, and it remained as such for the aforementioned reasons. Now, this doesn’t necessarily qualify as bad; it’s just so mediocre that it’s not so much a game as it is the rudimentary collection of aspects that a top-down RPG would typically contain. There is one thing that makes it bad, however: chance based drops. Grinding, ho!


#4 – Custom Robo Arena

Custom Robo Arena

After having played the Gamecube variant, it’s safe to say that this spiritual successor drove itself into the ground and immediately began pushing up daisies. The visual designs of the robos and characters suffered a drop in quality, possibly a result of aiming the game at younger audiences. The plot suffered a quality drop as well, and playtime was buffered violently by the need to grind in-game currency. Even completionists won’t want to have at this one.


#3 – Armored Core V

Armored Core V

This is what happens when you take a technical, customization-oriented game, dumb it down, and swap the area of focus from single-player to online multiplayer. The transition was not graceful. The weapon system was downgraded into a rock-paper-scissors system of chemical beats ballistic beats laser beats chemical. Add that to the useless ultimate weapons, the clunky new control scheme, and the fact that some missions are impossible to perform well in without a wingman… and you’ve got one hell of a terrible game.


#2 – Dead Island

Dead Island

You know what bothers me about Dead Island? Riptide, the sequel, uses the exact same assets that the first game used. Same physics engine, same character textures, same enemies… It’s essentially a direct expansion the first game. And the first game was shit. Anyway, Dead Island the First was a zombie game that sold itself by presenting zombies on a tropical island resort, which as it turns out only made up the very first area. Everything else was generic and terribly disinteresting. You’ll need to check out the linked review for the full scoop.


#1 – Command and Conquer IV: Tiberian Twilight

Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight

This installment of the glorious Tiberium Wars series holds a special place in the blackest depths of my seething heart. Yet another tactically retarded ploy to turn a quality series into an easy-to-play kiddie variant that everyone can pick up. Forget strategy, base building, and everything else that makes up a good warlike RTS! Let’s just turn it into a capture-the-flag grindfest! There is a level up system in this horrible pile of digital sequel sludge. Other nuances may exist, but until you peek at the actual review, you’ll have to trust me when I say that Tiberian Twilight deserves Rank One of Ps3 Gamer Zone’s top  five worst games.

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