Alternatively titled “How to Be an Overpowered Little Shit.”

So you’re playing the new Terraria 1.2 patch, you just murdered the Wall of Flesh, and now hard mode is utterly kicking your ass. You need a way to survive, and you need it fast. What can you do, though? Digging for ore is tedious and difficult, especially with all these endgame enemies running around. I’ll tell you what you can do, my good chum: You can stock up on spectacular items that’ll keep you alive and more than kicking! I’m going to tell you how to get each and every one.

We’ll begin with the quintessential vampire knives, a useful healing and damaging tool that never stops being useful. Though admittedly hard to find, acquiring a set will make hard mode less threatening. Vampire knives are guaranteed to spawn inside a crimson dungeon chest, which is unlocked by a crimson biome key. This means a fair amount of hard mode grinding (or a royal fuckton, depending on your luck), as the key has a small chance of dropping from crimson enemies. Then, also dependant upon luck, you have to explore the dungeon and look for a unique red chest that’s themed after the crimson biome. Your knives will be inside.

Terraria 1.2

The vampire knives are rapid-use, scatter-throw, life-stealing melee projectiles that return ~5-10% of the damage they deal as healing. Since you throw so many so fast, the trickle heal they provide is quickly made substantial, especially when fighting larger enemies. You might want to make a few small worlds to scope for them more quickly, since you have a chance not to get crimson, and a chance not to get a crimson chest.

Next on the list is the specter armor, a source of both personal and party healing. This armor is crafted from ectoplasm, which is occasionally dropped from any enemy in the dungeon that has over 100 health provided you have beaten the hard mode jungle boss Plantera. Killing that beastie may be a royal pain in the ass if you don’t have good mobility and a ranged attack. Take, for example, vampire knives! I recommend leading her to the surface, by the by. Less cramped up there, considering it only spawns underground.

Terraria 1.2

When that’s finished, the dungeon will begin to spawn new enemies that have a small chance to spawn dungeon spirits when slain. Dungeon spirits drop one or two ectoplasm when they die, so prepare for more grinding. You’ll get lots of money and crap, so it all pays off in the end. Oh, right, to clarify the earlier ambiguity, only dungeon spirits drop ectoplasm, and only 100+ HP dungeon enemies spawn dungeon spirits.

Spectre armor functions like standard mage armor, increasing your mana pool and magic damage, reducing mana use, but with one lovely bonus: You receive 5% of the magic damage you deal as health. It used to be ten, but it got nerfed hard in a quasi-recent patch. In addition to the lifesteal reduction, projectiles return less HP with each consecutive hit. It’s still amazing, since it sends the HP to the most damaged character in its vicinity. Having multiple spectre armored mages basically guarantees complete team survival during boss fights, providing everyone makes sure their mana doesn’t run dry.

Terraria 1.2

Personally, I like to run around with melee armor and mage armor, placing the inactive set in my vanity slots for quick switching. Along with vampire knives, I like to use magnet sphere (dropped by blue armored bones) and an inferno fork (dropped by diabolists). All three can be found in the hard mode dungeon, and the latter two spells deal plenty of damage, making them a wonderful choice when going specter.

Hope this helps you become an overpowered little shit!

Here’s a brief review of the Terraria 1.2 patch by Callum Shephard of StarburstMagazine, because knowing is half the battle. If the battle is huge, which it will be, then it’s really important that you know what you’re up against! Like walking over single blocks. You can prevent that by holding down and your desired direction, by the way. Er, right, here’s the alt review:

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