Terraria? What’s that? We’re all waiting on Starbound here. Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s down to what, ten dollars on Steam? A lot’s changed with the Terraria 1.2 patch, I’ll have you know. A crapton more content for both the console and PC versions, to be specific. You’ll be getting all the best info on the latter, so sit tight and let me explain a few things, alright? There is so much new stuff. New enemies, bosses, weapons, armors, accessories, resources, biomes… I doubt I’ll be able to cover it all. But I’ll try! Here we go!

New and upgraded biomes! Snow biomes got revamped and have underground variants. Web-filled spider micro-biomes appear underground. Hive biomes pop up inside jungle biomes. The dungeon has a jungle counterpart that’s really hard. The Corruption has a 50% chance to be replaced by the meat and blood-themed Crimson. All biomes have new hardmode enemies, and hardmode itself has a slew of new bosses that are going to murder you probably.

Terraria 1.2

There are plenty new resources to discover and craft with. Most of them are variants of standard metals, which either serve as replacements or don’t show up at all. Kinda like how The Crimson works! While the tools and weapons are mostly the same, the variant armors have unique set bonuses. Hallowed armor isn’t necessarily the best this time around! It’s simply the most well-rounded.

Speaking of well-rounded, hardmode brings about a very pleasing change in player classes: Specialization. Depending on which equips you go for, you can specialize in different areas of your preferred class. For melee, you can go all-out berserker or tank it up. For mages, you can opt for maximum nuke or sacrifice a little output to heal your teammates. I have no idea about rangers, because the only ranges weapon I like to use is the piranha gun. Yes, it shoots piranhas. There’s also a gun that shoots rainbows, and I ain’t talkin’ about the rainbow staff.

Crafting saw a boost, what with all the new accessories pouring in. There are now a few higher tiers of accessory combination that allow temporary lava invulnerability, debuff immunity, quadruple jumps, flaming attacks, and plenty more that I’m going to tactfully avoid disclosing.

Terraria 1.2

There are also a few new weather-based events, the most major of which I was unfortunate enough to encounter on my first in-game day of harmode. Or second, maybe? It certainly was early on. Solar eclipses cause fast, painful, tough enemies to spawn en masse. While they may kick your ass thoroughly, eclipses are your only means of acquiring the materials needed to create the legendary Terra Blade, the best sword in the game.

The dungeon now contains biome chests that can only be unlocked by hunting down special keys that drop only in specific biomes. These chests contain incredibly powerful endgame items that you’ll really want, i.e. the piranha/rainbow guns and life-leeching throwing daggers.

Overall, I give Terraria 1.2 a big whoppin’ TEN OUTTA TEN. This is an amazing expansion that got me playing again, and although I’ve already hit endgame and beaten every boss there is to beat (on the PC version), I still haven’t collected everything. It’s a multi-world journey for goodies! What fun!

Terraria 1.2

Phil Savage of PCGamer has graciously provided the interwebs with a nearly-complete bulleted list of all the major changes made in the Terraria 1.2 update. Reading my account of the new stuff is more fun than a list, but a list is easier, so you can use this if you want. I won’t hate you: http://www.pcgamer.com/2013/10/02/terraria-1-2-update-released-tweaks-almost-every-part-of-the-game/

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