As promised, here is the second half of the Risk of Rain character tips and tricks. All that remains is the Engineer, Sniper, Acrid, and Mercenary. No Miner, because I don’t like him. Let’s dive right in, shall we? Remember, these tips apply mainly to multiplayer and may not work very well solo.

The Engineer. Though versatile, he is best relegated to damage support due to his lack of finesse in melee range. Being able to drop Bounding Mines allows you to kite, while dropping Auto-Turrets allows you to redirect monster aggro. This works on all enemies, including the final boss, so always keep a turret handy for tight spots. Thermal Harpoon is stunning and painful but auto-targets enemies, so don’t expect it to hit what you want it to when a horde is about. Tri-nade loses usefulness quickly, but is your only choice when your other abilities are cooling down. If you need an item to augment it, go for slow or knockback. Try to relegate most items to your damager and only pick up some marginal survivability. Goat hooves and rusty jetpacks will help speed up the positioning process.

Risk of Rain

The Sniper. Don’t even think of playing this one without a dedicated tank to keep enemies off your back. With an active reload mechanism and only two offensive abilities, you are not built to handle a crowd solo. Reloading well offers bonus damage, giving your one-target Snipe some much-needed edge. Steady Aim is a charge-up boss-killer ability, capable of dealing insane damage at the cost of forcing you to stand still. Apply Spotter: SCAN to guarantee crits against the highest threat, and use Military Training to backflip out of dangerous situations. All the Sniper needs is damage and passive regen, so heap up the Crowbars and Bustling Fungus.

The Acrid. This one’s my favorite class, and possibly the most versatile of the ten. Festering Wounds is a short-range melee attack that applies infinitely stacking poison damage, which allows bruiser tactics. Neurotoxin is a linear piercing and stunning short-range attack, excellent for deterring crowds and applying debuffs. Caustic Sludge applies goop to the ground which speeds you up while slowing and damaging enemies. Epidemic is the trump card; upon hitting an enemy, it will apply a DoT and then spread to other nearby enemies. Building on-hit items will turn Epidemic into a crowd-melter that scales all too well into harder areas.

Risk of Rain

The Mercenary. A melee class with plenty of invincibility frames. If possible, locate Wicked Rings and Alien Heads and couple them with crits to ensure that your abilities are always cooled down. Laser Sword is your basic melee, while Whirlwind deals a bit of damage while propelling you into the air. Doubles as a double-jump! Blinding Assault is the first instance of invincibility frames, as it allows you to rapidly dash through enemies up to three times, providing the first two hit something. Eviscerate causes the Mercenary to become untargetable while dealing six instances of moderate damage to the nearest enemy. Coupled with crits and cooldown reduction, you can potentially stay in Eviscerate indefinitely.

Thus ends this helpful followup article. I do hope my insight provides you with the means to murder the hordes of enemies that Risk of Rain will throw at you.

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  1. Ok ok ok ok, No no no no, you say your favourite is acrid, then you recommend on hit items? Epidemic doesn’t even apply on hit items. At all. I appreciate that you took the time to make a guide, but please, let the veterans do it. We don’t want someone getting into the game with the term crowd-melter in there minds, and believing that on-hit items are good on acrid. The only attacks that apply it are the X and the Z.

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