What’s that? Risk of Rain whopping your buttocks and you have no idea what class to play or how to play them? I like you, pal, but you’re a bad liar. If you’ve unlocked all the characters, then you’re probably pretty spittin’ good at the game, considering you beat it five times and got the Mercenary.

However, you are earnest, and in my boundless compassion and understanding, I have chosen to educate you in the ways of Risk of Rain’s classes. How to build them, how to play them; the information is yours, though it will be more useful for multiplayer sessions. The only class I won’t cover is the Miner, because I plain old don’t like him! Got a problem? Take it up with the Wiki! This’ll be divided into two articles, so don’t give me no sass when you hit the end and realize the Merc didn’t get any screentime! Here it comes!

The Commando! More rakka dakka than a crackerjack, and a reliable means of mobility! Why die when you can roll about like a tumbleweed? His rapid attack rate makes him ideal for on-hit or chance-based proc effects, so he can easily fit a damager or damage support role! Applying debuffs with Full Metal Jacket can give your allies room to breathe, and they may well hyperventilate when you clear a path with Suppressive Fire! Never underestimate knockback and stun!

Risk of Rain

The Enforcer! What a pile of crap! You thought damage immunity from the front would save you? Think again! With slow attacks, slower animations, and bad range on a good day, the most helpful thing you could do would be to face-tank! Which would be nice, if most every enemy didn’t like scrambling behind your shield while you wait for the cooldown to allow you to stand up again! Who would hire a security guard with a reaction time of four seconds? Who can say! Probably someone that wants you to die so they can nab all the loot!

The Bandit! Here’s a fella who says howdy to injured enemies by filling them with daylight! Lights Out is your claim to fame, as it resets your cooldowns if it strikes a killing blow! Couple that with the stealthy speed of Smokebomb and you’ll have your enemies wondering where to point their various appendages! Think glass cannon and grab all the damage boosts you can, because nothing says “I’m a team player” like a man with no patience and an itch to deal 600% damage in a single shot!

The Huntress! Overcomplicate the girl with the bow and you’ll get stuck! Get the point? Think simple! This lass runs while she guns, and with every level shifts the air to arrows ratio! Low cooldowns means a bouncing Laser Glaive for every crowd and a Cluster Bomb for every horde! Don’t feel like eating crow after a misstep? Blink your way out of any awkward situation and shaft the bastards for their violent aggression! Gather chance proc and crit items to maximize your damage! And always remember, a little lifesteal goes a long way!

Risk of Rain

HAN-D! You might sigh when you hear the only healing ability in the game is stuck on a melee class, but don’t feel down! This robotic rambler’s full of piss and vinegar, stalwart as the mountain, and slow as cold molasses! HURT enemies to knock them out of your personal bubble, and when they die, fire a DRONE to restore that long-loved health! OVERCLOCK to add some pep to your dash and bash, then bring the hurt to groups of hooligans with your FORCED_REASSEMBLY and have a chortle as they rocket upwards! Build survivability and let your friends worry about damage and dodging! A tin man like you can conquer the world just by standing still and flinging your fist about!

And that’s all you get, folks. You’ll see more of this in the followup.

Darren Nakamura of Destructiod made a noteworthy grievance concerning the control schema, which I’d like to shed a little light on. Assigning your ability keys to QWER, your active key to T, your use item key to F, and your swap item key to G, you’ll have a much easier time coordinating your fingers and remembering which doohickey does what. Or you could just pop in a gamepad and play it the easy way, your choice. Here’s the alt review: http://www.destructoid.com/review-risk-of-rain-265467.phtml

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