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Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is for Real American Winners

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon

Whoa dude, totally radical! It’s like I’m living in the past, man. I mean, like, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon should’ve totally been a standalone instead of an expansion, but like, you know, right? It’s chock full of positive messages, and it’s got totally gnarly graphics with neon stuff and lots of righteous weapons. Upgrade […]

Fallout 3, the Apocalypse Swagger

Fallout 3

This is probably the least glitchy Bethesda game I’ve played. You’d think that Skyrim would have been cleaner, or that Fallout New Vegas would be a step up from what it actually is, but surprise! Nope. While Fallout 3 does have its glitches, they aren’t prominent enough to take away from your playing experience. Let’s […]

RAGE, Generic Apocalypse


You’ve read reviews from people who get paid to speak positively of the metaphorical shits Bethesda takes on the gaming industry, and now you can hear it from me! As the title may hint, RAGE is pretty dull. I mean, I’m a fan of RTS games. Hell, I even beat Fallout 3 all the way […]

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