Dragon’s Crown, Complainer Disclaimer

I would have loved to make my first review of Dragon’s Crown a gleaming article full of praise and nuance, but it looks like I’m going to have to break down the game’s art style so all you super sensitive types can get past the box art and actually enjoy the damn game. If you’re […]

Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game. Nuff Said!

First thing I’m gonna tell you about this little game is that the soundtrack was done by the amazing soundchip band, Anamanaguchi. Their music is done using old video game sounds taken from a hacked Nintendo Entertainment System. Totally reminiscent of 1990s gaming regarding the gameplay, the visuals, and, of course, the soundtrack. Oh, and […]

God of W- Shadow of th- Castlevania, Lords of Shadow

I’m happy to say that this game was a Christmas present, that way it isn’t me who has to deal with the shame of having purchased this blight. Castlevania, what the hell have you sunk to? I’m still having trouble accepting that the big “Castlevania” on the front cover isn’t being used ironically. This won’t […]