Gigantic Little Big Planet

Yeah, I know the second one’s out. Leave me alone. I’m reviewing the first one because I adore the nature of the game itself, and I know how to appreciate the roots of quality games. So there. Little Big Planet’s name is outrageously accurate. If you play the campaign and take it at face value, […]

Playing God with Super Scribblenauts

For the record, this game is on the Nintendo DS. See the thing on the left? I’m not calling you blind, I’m just sayin’. Nintendo DS. It seems like this game is meant to show the world the true colors of today’s youth. In Super Scribblenauts, you may summon ANYTHING you could imagine by writing […]

You’ll Dig Minecraft

Do you know why? Because that pun was awesome. And because Minecraft is the single most addicting game ever designed by only one person. Notch is the creator, programmer, designer, the almighty lord of Minecraft, and for less than twenty dollars, his creation can be yours to play with. It’s a one-time price, and what […]