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The Secret World, First Impressions

The Secret World

I’ve run across The Secret World quite a few times in my desperately bored MMORPG days, but time and again found a reason not to indulge. Recently, after a few gameplay videos on YouTube and a straightforward critique from a friend that knows what sort of games I like to play, I decided thirty bucks […]

Dead Space 3, Picking Up the Pace

Dead Space 3

Oh yes indeed, I’ve purchased the survival horror gone action game of games, Dead Space 3. Before I even scratch the surface, let it be known that the regenerator chase scenes are scary as hell, the javelin gun IS gone, but many aspects make up for its lost, and yes, a lot of the game […]

Red Alert 3 Uprising (Otaku Edition)

Red Alert 3: Uprising

It’s got a psionic Japanese schoolgirl in it. How does that not justify the title? Anyways. I always felt as if Red Alert 3 was lacking regarding to units. There just weren’t as many as needed to make the game feel complete, or more importantly, balanced. The Empire of the Rising Sun didn’t even have […]

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