Orcs Must Die! 2, the Self-Explanatory Title

Orcs Must Die! 2 is an impure tower defense, meaning in this context that player characters can actively take part in the slaying of orcs alongside their defenses. Third person murder! It doesn’t deviate terribly from the TD forumula; spawn points lead to end points, orcs getting to end points cost Rift Points, zero Rift […]

Go Bananas Playing Super Monkey Ball 2

You don’t like my puns? Shame on you! It’s time for a nice little review of a marvelous game for children of all ages! Super Monkey Ball 2 is an against-the-clock action 3D platforming puzzle game that tests your reflex, spatial judgment, and timing through a series of increasingly complex levels. That’s the main story, […]

Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi, the Game of the Movie of the Game

I know what you’re thinking. “Look at all the games this guy’s reviewed. Would he really play a Dragon Ball Z game? It’s so out of character.” Well it is. The only reason I got the game was because I played the original Ps2 Tenkaichi at a friend’s place. The gameplay was super fun and […]