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Rogue Legacy Takes Gold To Make Gold

Rogue Legacy

I’ve never played the original Rogue game that the term “roguelike” stemmed from, but the general idea is that roguelike means hard as balls, man. Since I have such a weak grasp of the term, I couldn’t tell you if Rogue Legacy is roguelike or not, but it is, as I so elegantly put it, […]

Downward Spiral Knights

Spiral Knights

Say I took a Medieval clockwork theme and slapped it onto Legend of Zelda: Four Swords, and accidentally spilled some annoying MMO elements all over the place. That’s Spiral Knights in a nutshell. A warning to MMO seekers out there: Free to play means “pay to actually enjoy” more often than not. In this case, […]

The Beautiful World of Odin Sphere

Odin Sphere

Tell me, good sir or madam, when was the last time you have played what felt like a visual novel of a video game? A game with detailed, artistic imagery, dramatic characterization, and a user-friendly combat system that strays from the norm? I can imagine it’s been too long. Let us fall back to the […]

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