Slender: The Eight Pages – He Just Wants Some Love

Ah, Slender: The Eight Pages. Nothing makes an evening quite as enjoyable as being scared to the point of staring until your eyes dry out. Was that black thing over there Slender? Was that tree Slender? Was that oh crap right behind you staaaatic. I’m pretty sure most everyone knows about the free to download […]

N64 Onslaught Part II, Yoshi’s Story

The onslaught continues, this time with another beloved Nintendo classic! Spectacular 2.5D platformer Yoshi’s Story, a sweet and endearing tale with silly enemies, environments, and of course, playable loveable dinosaurs! With… long tongues that eat a whole lot of everything. Including people. Er, anyway, on with the whole once upon a time business. Yoshi’s Island […]